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Mentoring Program

Revision approved by Council, November 2019

Council Mentors 

The Board Chair appoints a Council mentor for each new member of Council, whether interim or permanent. Council mentorship lasts one year. Mentors will be chosen by the Chair, who will take into account various factors such as, for example, regional location, type of institution, affinities, etcetera. The chosen mentor will have attended a minimum of four Council meetings prior to being selected to serve as a mentor. Council members are free to opt out of serving as a mentor, as needed. 

Purpose of Mentoring Program

  • to welcome Council members
  • to foster a sense of belonging
  • to increase the knowledge-base of new Council members
  • to facilitate full participation of new Council members in discussion and decision-making
Mentor and Mentee Responsibilities

  • The mentor will contact and welcome the new Council member to the Alliance. As possible, mentors and mentees often find it useful to meet in person but a phone call is sufficient.
  • The mentor and mentee will review the Council Member Handbook together to understand any knowledge gaps and refer to resources.
  • The mentor and mentee will attend the required new member meal (usually a breakfast during the morning of the first day of Council meetings, but occasionally this is a dinner); this meal is paid for by the Alliance.
  • The mentor will make a formal introduction of the mentee at the first attended Council meeting.
  • The mentor and mentee will sit together at Council meetings for the first year.
  • The mentor will phone the mentee before each Council meeting for the first year to provide background and context on agenda items.
  • The mentor and mentee will meet in person or via phone after Council meetings for the first year to debrief; it is recommended that the mentor and mentee schedule time for lunch immediately after Council adjourns.

A short survey of mentors and mentees will be completed after the first twelve months of this program. Creating the survey is a Board responsibility; the results to be brought to Council for consideration.