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The Past Chair of the Board serves as chair of the Policy & Coordination Team. On an annual rotating basis, the Executive Director appoints an Alliance staff liaison to also serve as staff liaison to P&C Team. Membership is comprised of the:

Chair-elect of the Board
Chair & Program Manager, Collab Workforce Team
Chair & Program Manager, Content Creation and Dissemination Team
Chair & Program Manager, Discovery & Delivery Team
Chair & Program Manager, Shared Content Team
Chair & Program Manager, Systems Team
Executive Director

Chair Faye Chadwell
Chair-elect of the Board
Susan Barnes Whyte
Collab Workforce Team Chair Chris Shaffer
Collab Workforce Team Program Manager Cassie Schmitt    
Content Creation and Dissemination Team Chair
Isaac Gilman
Content Creation and Dissemination Team Manager Jodi Allison-Bunnell
Discovery & Delivery Team Chair
Jesse Thomas
Discovery & Delivery Team Program Manager Ray Henry
Shared Content Team Chair Gordon Aamot
Shared Content Team Program Manager Kathi Fountain 
Systems Team Chair Nathan Mealey
Systems Team Program Manager Al Cornish     
Executive Director Dana Bostrom
 Staff Liaison 2016-2017