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This update appeared in Alliance News, distributed on the Announce listserv on May 4, 2015:

The Systems Program began its work in April. The Systems Team is expected to hold its first meeting on the week of May 11.  

The first Alma enhancements cycle that will be managed by the Ex Libris user groups is in progress, with final voting scheduled for July and August. Given that all Alliance institutions and the Alliance are able to vote (38 total votes) and the number of Alma installations to date (less than 200), the Alliance will represent a significant chunk of the Alma community participating in the 2015 enhancements cycle. To implement the collaborative voting process approved by the Alliance Board in January (when the Board funded institutional user group memberships), Systems Team chair Wade Guidry (Puget Sound) will be leading an Alliance Alma Enhancements Working Group that will identify, in part through survey of member institutions, enhancement requests that meet Alliance-wide needs. The working group will then create a voting recommendation for Alliance institutions. This team's first meeting is on April 30.

The Systems Team is currently working on session proposals for this year's Alliance Summer Meeting. One team priority is the need to communicate with members on a required change to the structure of user XML data loaded to Alma. This change must be implemented at all Alliance institutions by the end of December.