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In 2014, Ex Libris introduced the bibliographic extension or local field functionality in Alma. The Shared ILS Catalog Working Group led an effort which defined the use of specific fields reserved for local use, as shown in a table of local fields

Later, the Alliance formed the Normalization Rules Working Group (NRWG) to manage the Primo normalization rules. The Primo normalization rules determine which local fields display in Primo, whether they display to all users or only users associated with the institution that created a local field, and whether each local field is displayed as plain text or a hyperlink. In order to better understand the current configuration for local fields in Primo, the NRWG prepared the documents Alma-Primo local fields and Alliance-wide local fields in normalization rules. The NRWG is now reviewing the normalization rules for local fields and would like to involve catalogers in the process. They would like to make any necessary changes to the Primo normalization rules related to local fields as soon possible.


The Local Fields Review Group is charged with reviewing the use and configuration of local fields in Alma in order to provide guidance to the NRWG on configuring local fields in Primo to provide optimal support to user needs. Specifically, the Local Fields Review Group is to determine:
  • which fields should display in Primo
  • which fields should display to all users and which to limited users
  • which fields should display as plain text and which as hyperlinks
The Local Fields Review Group should work closely with the NRWG and prioritize answering any specific questions provided by the NRWG. The Local Fields Review Group should also invite feedback from all Alliance libraries on any proposed changes in local field configuration.


An updated version of the original table of local fields with information added showing the type of display for each field in Primo, and whether each field is displayed as a hyperlink in Primo .

The report is due to the TSWG by December 1, 2015. An extension was given until February 1, 2015.

Tom Larsen, Chair
Portland State University
Julie Carmen
Central Washington University
Cathy Chapman
St. Martin's University
Cheryl Davenport
Clark College
Karen Stephens
Central Washington University
Adriana Yovcheva
Pacific University
Bob Thomas, TSWG Liaison Western Washington University