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Background & Charge

TSWG is relaunching another effort to look at specific issues regarding local fields. This group will to build off the work of the previous group to look at these issues:

1. To review cases of localized fields in Institution A”s Alma instance bleeding into Institution B”s Alma instance, in order to determine the root cause, filing Salesforce cases or making recommendations for training/cleanup.

2. To consider whether establishing one of the 59X fields as a ‘global’ local note (that is, a local note that would display in all Alliance Primo instances) would be useful or desirable.

3. To test using 77X and 78X fields as localized fields and making a recommendation as to whether these fields should be used as localized fields by the Alliance and if so, for what purpose. A recommendation to not use is acceptable.

Tom Larsen, Chair
Portland State University
Whitney Buccicone
University of Washington
Cathy Chapman
St. Martin's University
Cheryl Davenport
Clark College
Lori Robare
University of Oregon
Karen Stephens
Central Washington University
Agnes Wiacek
University of Puget Sound
Cassie Schmitt, ex-officio  Orbis Cascade Alliance