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  • via GoToMeeting
  • Wade Guidry, University of Puget Sound
  • Al Cornish, Alliance
  • Blake Galbreath, Eastern Oregon University
  • Bonnie Parks, University of Portland
  • Nathan Mealey, Portland State University
  • Rose Carlson, Reed College
  • Scot Harrison, St. Martin’s University
Agenda and Minutes
  • Summer meeting presentations preparation
    • Meeting scheduled for June 12 for discussion of UStat presentation
    • Meeting to be scheduled next week for discussion of User Schema 2.0 presentation
    • Al has begun work on the Developer’s Network update, and has enlisted Jeremy from L & C to participate; there may be other participants as well
    • ACTION: Content for plenary needs to be developed (Al, Wade) - focus will include: enhancements voting work, User Schema 2.0
  • Working Groups Update
    • ACTION: Nathan to convene a first meeting of the SLA working group (Al, Wade, Nathan, Alex, Keith Folsom) for the following week (Nathan)
    • Discussion about what kind of ExL performances to address via the SLA WG; question came up about whether the SLA group should try to track ExL technical support performance;
    • ACTION: Al to discuss with Anya whether she intends, as she alluded to in the recent open delivery call, to continue tracking ExL technical support performance; perhaps she and this work could become part of the SLA WG. (Al)
    • Idea of a “Primo Customizations Working Group” was discussed; 
    • ACTION: Wade to set up meeting of Al, Wade, Megan, Anya and Nathan to get DD’s input on this idea (Wade)
  • Posting of team content
    • Discussion about what content to post on the systems team page on the Alliance site;
      : We will begin posting open call notes and systems team notes to the systems team page (Al, Wade)
    • Discussion about use of Google Drive, and how to manage team-only vs all-eyes content;
      ACTION: We will use the “Systems Team” folder for team-only content, and have established a “Systems Open” folder, which will be openly shared in “view only” mode, and will store documents of general interest
  • Organization of existing documentation
    • Discussed in the previous topic
  • Institutional Systems Environmental Survey
    • Discussion of an idea to develop a “systems environmental survey” to capture basic systems information from Alliance institutions; This information would be helpful in several ways:
      • Aid in helping Alliance staff, team members, and others when helping a given institution with a specific problem
      • Aid in identifying like institutions, so that environments could be compared when institution A with authentication type B needs to find someone else with authentication type B to compare notes
      • Aid in identifying the most commonly used systems components within the Alliance.
    • Survey would include such items as:
      • ILL platform(s) in use (local or cloud hosted)
      • SIS platform in use (local or cloud hosted)
      • Financial platform in use (local or cloud hosted)
      • Custom API scripts in use? (pointers to published scripts, documentation, or work products)
      • Commonly used scripting languages
      • Using analytics? Using UStat?
      • OAI or other Primo harvesting currently in place?
      • EZProxy in use (local or cloud hosted, version)
    • Survey was generally considered a useful idea
    • Next steps for such a survey need to be identified
Key Documents