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  • via GoToMeeting (recording linked to Systems Team page)
  • Team chair Wade Guidry led a review of the Systems Team presentation at the Policy and Coordination Team meeting
    • Important information is compiled on the Systems Team page (team members, charge, goals, links to important documents)
    • Team”s initial work centered on current 2015 Alma enhancements cycle
    • Systems work post-migration:
      • Communications:  email listservs available for use
      • Meetings
        • Systems Team, twice monthly
        • Monthly Open Calls
        • Working group schedules, to be determined
        • Summer Meeting
    • Working groups created
        • Alma Enhancements Working Group
        • Service Level Agreement Working Group
    • Possible groups going forward going forward
        • Primo Customization Working Group
        • ILLiad Add-on Integration (may not be working group-level project)
  • Alliance Summer Meeting
    • Systems Team involvement
  • Plenary:  Alliance chairs and program managers
  • Breakout sessions
    • Introduction to UStat
    • Invoice and bursar integration with Alma
      • Relevant to a question raised by Sara Brownmiller on Alma integration with Banner
      • Nathan Mealey:  Intends to cover both importing  and exporting in a nuts-and-bolts way
    • Ex Libris Developer Network update
    • Alma user schema update (work that needs to be done by end of December)
    • Alma Display Logic (with Alex Merrill, Systems Team member)
    • Radka Ballada:  Will the UStat session be recorded?  Response: There is no support for recording sessions at the Warner Pacific site where the Summer Meeting will be held. Al and Wade will work on options. (One would be for the presenter(s) to record the session in GoToMeeting before or after the meeting, then post it on the sys-discussion list or Systems Team page)
    • Jeremy McWilliams:  Soliciting suggestions, topics of interest, for the Ex Libris Developer Network update
      • Shannon Eagles:  Introduction to APIs
      • Nathan Mealey:  Best practices for testing APIs (example, use of sandbox); where people have used APIs?
  • Code sharing
    • Discussed during East Side Hackfest, June 5
      • Doris Munson:  12 attendees at this informal meeting; intend to conduct this meeting every quarter; recognition that  Hackfest for reference librarians; working with Collaborative Workforce Program Manager Cassie Schmitt on training needs
    • Wade:  Goal is to place information in a truly shared space and to have the structure more formal
  • Primo production and sandbox outage on June 4
    • Al is working with ExL's Matt Baker to obtain information
    • Al:  It is not clear if the Wednesday night maintenance designed to correct the external page linking problem after the installation of the Primo April release was related to the Thursday (June 4) morning production outage
    • Wade:  Need to account for the grey areas when counting disruption time (example, service degradation, but not system down)
  • Alma NCIP integration with ILLiad
    • Bill Kelm is performing active development work for this integration

Key documents
Systems Team page
Systems Team Overview, presented to the Policy & Coordination Team on June 4, 2015