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Here are some Systems-related updates:

Alma release install information

The August Alma release will be installed on Alma sandbox environments this Sunday, July 26. The August release will be installed on Alma production on Sunday, August 2.

Alma jobs problems this week

Ex Libris Development is still reviewing the cause of the jobs problems that were reported by institutions on the morning of July 20 and 21. In the case of the July 21 disruption, an institution's ProQuest electronic package records job blocked the jobs queue; the reason that this occurred is not currently known and is being investigated by Ex Libris.

User groups' Alma enhancements process

The final ballot for the first-ever Alma enhancements was released earlier this week. Wade Guidry, who's chairing the working group for this Alma enhancement cycle, informed institution ELUNA representatives that the working group's voting recommendation will be sent to representatives no later than July 31. Institutions will then have until August 8 to vote in the online NERS (enhancement request and voting system).  

The ballot includes Ex Libris complexity points information for each request. By terms of the Ex Libris-user groups agreement, Ex Libris has committed 200 development points per year to Alma development. I've attached a version of the final ballot list that was posted to ALMA-L earlier this week, including enhancement difficulty points and with the 8 Alliance-submitted enhancements highlighted. This list is instructive in that it juxtaposes priority Alma extension needs with ExL's assessment of difficulty. [List redacted from public view.]

Users groups' Primo enhancement process

The ExL user groups, ELUNA and IGeLU, are currently soliciting enhancement requests for the 2015 Primo software ballot. A set of 31 Alliance-level enhancements has been submitted to NERS. Institution ELUNA representatives have been requested to submit institution-specific Primo enhancement requests by Friday, July 31.

I will be reaching out to the institutional ELUNA representatives with more information on the Primo enhancements voting timeline when it becomes available.

Please contact me if you have any questions on this information.

Al Cornish
Program Manager
Systems support for Alma, Primo and other services
Orbis Cascade Alliance
541-246-2470 Ext. 204  (voice)
acornish@orbiscascade.org (email)