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This program update appeared in Alliance News, distributed on the Announce listserv on July 2, 2015:

As noted in last month's update, Wade Guidry is chairing an Alma Enhancements Working Group that's coordinating Alliance voting for the first-ever user groups-led Alma enhancement process. The group created a voting recommendation and the first round of voting was completed in early June, and the results, with institutions anonymized, have been posted to the Systems Team web site. These results illustrate the positive impact of coordinated voting. The Alma user groups are currently working with Ex Libris on identifying the difficulty for requests that received a high number of votes from the Alma community. The final round of Alma enhancement voting is expected to be conducted in August, at which time the working group will create and distribute a second voting recommendation to the ELUNA representative at each Alliance institution.

The Primo enhancements process for 2015 has started. Some information on this enhancement cycle has been sent to Alliance team leaders and the institutional ELUNA representatives.

The Systems Team has formed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Working Group to monitor Alma and Primo performance. The group intends to produce quantitative and qualitative summaries of services performance compared with the SLA that's in the Alliance's contract with Ex Libris. This group met for the first time on June 19 and plans to perform an analysis of second quarter performance data.

For next week's Alliance Summer Meeting:  Two Ex Libris representatives will attend in person:  John Larson, Alma consultant, and Brian Noone, Tier I Support Manager. Please look for John and Brian at the meetings - this one-on-one contact is an important benefit of the ExL participation.

The Alliance will begin monthly Priority Support Issues meetings with Ex Libris. The Alliance-side attendees will include one representative from each team and program managers. A set of strategically-important Network Zone issues from the Customer Success Program channel (which is being retired) has been mapped to the Center of Excellence. The remaining issues, and new issues surfaced by the Alliance, will be addressed in these monthly meetings. Brian Noone will be the Ex Libris-side lead and ExL specialists will join meetings as needed. The first Priority Support Issues meeting will be an in-person meeting, on July 9 at the Summer Meeting.

The Systems Team and Systems institutional representatives will meet at the Summer Meeting on July 9 from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. This will be the Systems Open Call for July. Monthly call recordings for GoToMeeting-based meetings are posted to the Systems Team web page.