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Draft Strategic Agenda following the Retreat

This is a work in progress.  See the latest draft of the Board's recommendation to Council!

The chart below summarizes earlier work from the July 2013 Alliance Strategic Planning Retreat.  Six Initiatives head each column.  For each we have a Vision statement followed by a list of Objectives.  Finally, at the bottom find a few of the more popular of Project examples.  These are examples of what we might do but more work is needed before we will know when they will be pursued and which team and/or staff member will be assigned to each project.  It is important to note that not all projects will be pursued, that additional projects may be added, and that some projects are relevant to multiple initiatives.

Selecting projects:
  • Criteria: here retreat participants developed a set of criteria to weigh and sequence projects.
  • Project poll results: here Council members were asked to choose one third of the projects (28 of 83 projects) using the criteria listed above.
List of retreat attendees

Next steps toward a new Strategic Agenda
In August the Board will solicited feedback from Council, make a first pass at refining this agenda and begin thinking about implications for teams, charges, etc.  The Board will propose a final Strategic Agenda, team structures and project sequencing to be considered by Council at their November meeting. In the mean time, the current Strategic Agenda is still in force and all committee and team work should proceed.


User Experience



Create a
Unified Identity



Seamless discovery  & fulfillment promotes positive user experience

Support goals and activities of our users
The Alliance will foster, support, promote scholarly inquiry, exploration and creative expression

Shared understanding of policy & practice.
Eliminate redundancy.
Maximize resources (people or costs).
Redesigned workflows from a consortial perspective.
Consortial team building.
What, where, how we build collections.
37 ==> 1
"Tight ship"
We will maximize the power of the collective by establishing a shared understanding of our cooperative enterprise among current and potential members

Expand access to the universe of information resources of value to Alliance members and their users:
  - Leverage consortial power
  - Multiple formats
  - Includes unique/Special/Archival
  - Preservation is implicit

The Alliance demonstrates effective use of its resources
Improve user experience

Seamless discovery & fulfillment for users

Improve public services throughout the Alliance

Improve service to users through better/enhanced catalog records

Make Summit the #1 tool for our users

Promote and facilitate open sharing of scholarship
  - open access
  - publish oj's

Develop a research agenda that those outside the Alliance could use (to benefit the profession)

Foster Innovation

To inform/support grant opportunities

Provide a research presentation, publication, etc. for Alliance staff/faculty

Investigate topics Alliance wishes to learn more about to support future iniatives
Create efficiencies by standardizing/streamlining policies/procedures

Up-to-date policies ==> clarity and confidence

Eliminate redundant practices

Develop cooperative workflows to establish efficiencies to effectively maximize the new ILS platform

Efficient use of scarce resources ($, people)

Manage, share, and store physical collections in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. 

Training: consistent approach to consortial work
Create/define equitable distributed work model

Optimize cooperation & communication

Plan consortially, contribute locally

Cultivate a community of practices to improve learning outcomes

Create unified identity
Manage and preserve Alliance member scholarly output
  - copyright
  - shared IR
  - best practices

Strategically build collections by creating a core consortial collection and enabling local flexibility, depth and distinction

Leverage buying power to provide more consortial access in desired formats

To enrich collecting of unique materials across the region

Support long term access to born-digital unique resources to meet legal, statutory, and contractual mandates

Determine methods of meeting Alliance data needs

Assess effectiveness of Alliance services and initiatives

Perform assessment to inform evidence-based decision making 

Fully understand Alliance data needs

Maximize ROI

Project examples
(full list)
Discovery services

Support digital discovery in Primo

Integrate ILL into Summit

Fulfillment services

Summit discovery and delivery: work with Alliance teams, OCLC, and Ex Libris to sustain Summit discovery and delivery functions
Standardize loan rules
Establish & fund Alliance-wide research agenda

Support scholarly commutation - especially student work

Open access

Publishing like Open Journal Systems
Efficiencies and workflows

Training: Develop a training plan; develop training documents & videos; recruit staff from member libraries to serve as trainers; communicate training concerns to Alliance and Ex Libris staff

Shelf ready at scale

Greater support for teaching and learning
Shared Instructional efforts (e.g. MOOC)

Collaborative Public Services
Investigate ways the Alliance can act on behalf of the institutions (e.g. CONSER, WEST, HATHI) 

Develop business model for distributed work

Governance of the Shared ILS

Exploration of separate vs. shared Infrastructure
Establish e-resource sharing program

Support for cooperative collection development and the "one collection" concept

Demand Driven Acquisition Ebook Program

Explore membership in Hathi trust

Cooperative Collection management

Shared IR

Exploration of consortial solutions for special collections: digital preservation; digitization; shared HR; unique collection sharing; legacy data conversion
Data warehouse and dashboard for Alliance-wide assessment

Consortial collections usage analysis

Analytics to support assessment, workflow efficiencies and record keeping

Alliance-wide tool to assess learning outcomes (esp. benchmarks)

Statistics: Gather, maintain, and Verify Data