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Established: January 2015

Type of Group and General Comments

Group, reporting to EAD Database Working Group, which reports to the Content Creation & Dissemination Team.

All Task Forces have a specific charge to work within the boundaries of their Working Group. Task Force members are asked to focus on the interest of the consortium rather than their own institution.

Charge for FY15

The primary responsibility is connected to the redesign of the Researcher Site. Although most aspects of the actual site redesign will fall to Alliance staff (e.g. specifications to final form, hiring contract assistance, internal implementation, making realistic schedule of work, communicating with membership), there is a continued need for the IUD-I TF in order to facilitate user testing and appropriate member involvement in the site redesign, as follows:

  • Continue the combined approach to interface and infrastructure.
  • Create user testing plans and interpret/evaluate feedback to inform redesign efforts.
  • Continue to ask all members to recruit end users for testing sessions. Revise and improve recruiting efforts (e.g. make a flyer in addition to email announcements).
  • As needed, recruit program members to serve as internal user test subjects. As needed, test back-end functionality.
  • As time allows, develop a high-level strategy for testing and maintenance of the Researcher Site.


  • Infrastructure changes to implement the Best Practices are to be implemented in April with all members using them by May 1.
  • The launch of the redesigned site is scheduled for July 1.

Tasks to complete by 2015 March 27

  • Develop and test approaches to subject and geographic coverage browse for home page
  • Develop and test approaches to design carry-through to internal pages
  • Develop and test approaches to display consistency
  • As needed, coordinate QA review on site changes going live in this phase

Tasks for 2015 May 2-June 7

  • Usability review
  • Testing with end users
  • Testing with internal users