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Libraries & Education Interest Group (LEIG)
To join this group please e-mail: eduell@orbiscascade.org

The purpose of the Orbis Cascade Alliance Library & Education Interest Group is to bring together those who work with colleges, schools, and departments of Education, as well as those who are interested in the intersection of libraries and P-12 education, to learn from each other. Examples of topics to be discussed, worked on, written about, presented on, and communicated about in any other form include collection development, research methods, open education in its many formats, general liaison work, connections with the larger library community, and connections with the larger P-12 education community.  While this group is housed within the Orbis Cascade Alliance, we welcome anyone in the region who is interested in the connection between libraries and the field of education. Membership is not limited by occupation or degree held: we are an open and welcoming group.
Questions about this group may be posed to either of the co-facilitators:
M. Brooke Robertshaw, brooke.robertshaw@oregonstate.edu, Oregon State University
James Rosenzweig, jrosenzweig@ewu.edu, Eastern Washington University

Law Librarians Interest Group
To join this group please e-mail: eduell@orbiscascade.org
Facilitator: Mari Cheney, maricheney@lclark.edu

Media Interest Group

To join this group please e-mail: eduell@orbiscascade.org

This email list is intended to provide a forum for sharing information on media (analog and digital). The Media Interest Group is currently focused on gathering information regarding media resources within the Alliance member libraries.

No longer active
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