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Policy Justification: Creation or import of brief bibliographic records for newly ordered items is a common acquisitions task for many Alliance libraries. In the interest of standardization and increased collaborative technical services between Alliance libraries the Shared ILS Implementation Team approves the following guidelines for adding these records to ALMA

  • To avoid duplication and confusion due to differing record formats, when migrating to Alma each library”s existing in-process brief bibliographic records will be loaded into their Institutional Zone
  • To encourage future collaboration and minimize duplication, all new in-process brief bibliographic records added to Alma will be created in or imported to the Network Zone
  • Whenever possible, brief bibliographic records should contain the title, ISBN, author, edition, and publication date of the item. Any additional information to aid in identification is beneficial but not essential.

Software: Alma 

Current phase: Phase 5: Approved Written by: Collaborative Technical Services Team's Acquisitions Working Group;

Approved by: SILS Implementation Team on 6/10/2013;  Recommended by SILS Acquisitions Working Group on 6/5/2013; Reviewed and reaffirmed by Technical Services Working Group on 10/11/2016
Last updated: 10/11/2016
Staff Contact: Cassie Schmitt Nature of last update: minor update

Document History: On 10/11/2016 reference removed to policy needing to be reviewed at a later date.