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Icon Large Improve Access to Information Orbis Cascade Alliance has expanded access to information to the students and faculty at member institutions through its resource sharing programs and coordinated licensing of electronic resources. Alliance member institutions are also dedicated to leveraging their collective capacity to improve access to information globally, and working to create a more open and sustainable system of information distribution and scholarly communication.


  1. Implement programs to increase access to physical and digital collections across member institutions.
  2. Enhance equitable access to information by curating, disseminating, and improving discoverability of both unique and existing content.
  3. Catalyze a more open and sustainable scholarly communication system that prioritizes high quality resources that are open, free, or low-cost.


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Team Status
Develop services for user experience and accessibility
Advocate for user experience and accessibility in development of software, tools and other resources in discovery platforms.
Action Plan
Icon Discovery and User Experience Icon In Progress
Collaborate on metadata and discoverability for open educational resources
Identify practices for improving discovery of OER in Primo, and convene consortial peers to address unique challenges of OER discoverability and metadata standards.
Action Plan - coming soon
Icon Unique and Local Content Icon In Progress
Conduct Summit policy review
Review recommendations from Shared Resources Joint Project Group survey and consider changes to Summit policy.
Action Plan
Icon Resource Sharing and Fulfillment Icon Checkmark for Completed.






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Alliance Central Staff
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On Hold/Not Started
Icon for Discovery and User Experience
Discovery and User Experience
 Icon for In Progress
In Progress
Icon for Resource Sharing and Fulfillment
Resource Sharing and Fulfillment
 Icon Checkmark for Completed.
Icon for Shared Content and Technical Services
Shared Content and Technical Services
Icon for Systems
Icon for Unique and Local Content
Unique and Local Content


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