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The Alliance has reviewed the items in the Ex Libris Idea Exchange and selected the following items that would help the Alliance and other consortia if implemented.  We are suggesting that if staff have unallocated votes that they consider voting for these items to help us move the Alliance agenda forward.

Items with a green background in the tables below were submitted by Alliance members or Alliance staff.  If you only have a few votes please consider these ideas first.

For an idea
"Best idea ever! I'll do everything I can to push it to the top." = 3 votes
"Seems like a good idea. I'm willing to put some weight behind this." = 2 votes
"This is an OK idea. I'll support the Alliance on this." = 1 vote
If you want to know more about the Idea Exchange please see the Ex Libris Idea Exchange FAQ or General Ex Libris Idea Exchange information.

Want to suggest an idea? Fill out the EXL Idea Exchange Suggestion Form.


Idea Name
RSF Add preferred pronoun field that displays in Fulfillment Manage Patron Services display
include the item barcode as part of the data published from Alma to Primo in the AVA field to improve item search in Primo
RSF Add functionality to better manage queue for reserves/holds
Configuring different sender e-mail addresses (SMPT-envelope-from) for one letter-type
SCTS Multiple Quick-Cataloging Templates
SCTS Allow configuration of quick cataloguing form required fields
Ability to find bib records with attached PO lines but no inventory
RSF Location Priority
SCTS Add the ability to add notes to POLs en masse 


Area Idea Name
CZ/CDI Awaiting your idea                                                                                                    


As votes are returned we will revisit this list and select additional items.

Out of votes and still want to help?  You can add a comment to ideas even if you are out of votes!

Keep in mind that Ex Libris likes to see use cases in the comments to demonstrate how this idea would help so your votes and comments that include use cases will help us move these ideas forward.

Last reviewed on: September 9, 2020