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When attempting to use an embedded Primo search box on a web site which uses SSL/HTTPS, users will receive a warning message stating that the information they have entered will be sent over an insecure correction, and must click "continue" to bypass the warning.

This workaround routes users to Primo via an intermediary PHP file hosted on your own web server. This avoids triggering the warning message about insecure content.

The workaround is designed to work with the embedded search box described in the following Knowledge Center article: Make a Search Box using Primo Deep Links (dlSearch.do).

Created by: Tamara Marnell, Central Oregon Community College

Skill set requirements: PHP; HTML

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the PHP file below.
  2. In the PHP file, change the $vid variable on line 34 to point to your institution's Primo homepage.
  3. Load the modified PHP file onto your web server.
  4. Open the page where your embedded search form is and change the "action" attribute in the search form to point to the URL where you have loaded the PHP file instead of the Primo URL.

PHP File for Workaround

HTTPS Primo Embedded Search Page Redirect (PHP file)