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Under the direction of the Shared Content/Technical Services Program Manager, and with support of the Network Zone Manager and SC/TS Team, the GPO Project Group (GPOPG) is charged with developing recommendations on establishing central management of GPO metadata for the Alliance, and on the preferred source(s) for that metadata.  Recommendations will be informed by member feedback via the Technical Services Institutional Representatives.  The GPOPG will produce a final report documenting their recommendations and rationale.


This group will:
  • Gauge Alliance interest in establishing centralized metadata management for GPO resources.
  • Survey existing member procedures for managing GPO metadata.
  • Identify current sources for GPO metadata.
  • Identify Alliance-specific needs for central management of GPO metadata.
  • Evaluate metadata sources and recommend a preferred source to the Shared Content / Tech Services Team.


The GPOPG will complete their work and provide their final report on or before June 29th, 2018.