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Oxford University Press / University of California Press

This is one of two new ebook acquisition models for fiscal year 2018.The Alliance will be purchasing outright all Oxford Scholarship Online(OSO) and University of California Press (UC) ebooks published July 2017-June 2018*, approximately 1200 new OUP titles and 140 UC Press ebooks on the Oxford Scholarship Online http://www.oxfordscholarship.com/ /University Press Scholarship Online http://california.universitypressscholarship.com platform, DRM-free as they become available, on behalf of member institutions.

Alliance participants will have access to an additional 16,000 earlier imprints during the 12-month term, DRM-free, on the Oxford Scholarship Online/ University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform (UPSO = University of California Press titles). Most titles cover the areas of humanities and social sciences, with some science and medicine subject coverage. Oxford/UC has agreed to partner with GOBI Libraries services so that program titles will appear in GOBI to aid Gobi customers in avoiding unwanted duplication.


This program has been renewed for a second year.The ESG recommended the Alliance move forward with a second year of access to ebooks on the Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) platform. As a reminder, the OUP portion of the Alliance Ebook Program includes an upfront purchase of platform releases for June 2018-May 2019, estimated at 1,200 OUP titles published during that year. For Year 2, the Alliance Ebook Program will also purchase select OUP partner press frontlist content, influenced by Alliance SCT-Rep feedback:

    • California(UC) Scholarship
    • ChicagoScholarship
    • PrincetonScholarship
    • MIT PressScholarship

Purchased content for Year 2 will include titles published on the University Press Scholarship Online platform and released across three dates: September 2018, January 2019, and May 2019.

  • Eighthighly-used backfile titles from Year One will also be purchased for the Alliance collection.
  • Gratisaccess ofbackfile OUP titleson theOSO platformwill also continue for this second year of participation in the program.
  • MARC recordswill continued to be managed at the Alliance-level related to this portion of the ebook program.
  • The ESG expects that Oxford ebook program elementsmay change year-by-year, if continued in future years.

Title list

Records Management

  • Alma Network Zone E-Collection: Oxford University Press Ebooks (Orbis Cascade Alliance)
  • Available for: All Alliance Member Libraries
  • Public note in each OUP/UC Press discovery portfolio: Orbis Cascade Oxford University Press Discovery Resource
  • Public note in each OUP/UC Press purchased portfolio: Orbis Cascade Oxford Purchased Resource
  • Proxy Settings: Access to titles requires local proxy server authentication
  • All portfolios are set to require authentication
  • Bibliographic records are provided by OCLC and are generally of good quality.
  • Bibliographic records for new titles will be received at least monthly. Titles (and records) are deleted infrequently
Training Documents
*Note: Any titlesnotavailable on the OSO/UPSO platform (e.g., Oxford Bibliographies Online, Oxford Handbooks Online, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Research Encyclopedias, etc.) arenotincluded as part of this package.