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Orbis Cascade Alliance

Finance Team

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

 Charge: The Finance Team is responsible for the following:

·         Recommending new and revised financial policies.

·         Reviewing investments and making recommendations regarding the investment portfolio.

·         Facilitating communication between external auditors and the Board of Directors in connection with the annual audit and any other fiscal matters that arise. 

·         Reviewing, accepting and recommending for Board of Directors approval the annual audited financial statements.  

·         Ensuring compliance with governmental regulations, including filing of federal and state tax documents.

·         Communicating all relevant matters to the Board of Directors as necessary.

 Annual Goal: The Board requests that the Finance Team provide recommendations that will guide management of the Collaborative Workforce program. 



I.  Collaborative Workforce discussion


Question 1: How do we accomplish more together than we are now if members

don't want to contribute more staff, 

don't want to be paid for consortium work, and

don't want to pay higher membership fees?


Question 2: How to frame this discussion at the March Council meeting?


              II. Collaborative Workforce proposal next steps      

 Next meeting:  February 9, 2015 

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