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Established: January 2016

Type of Group and General Comments
Teams can form ad hoc working groups that are chaired by a team member with membership drawn from staff at member libraries. Selected working groups might also include non-members. For example, a working group concerned with the courier might include non-member participants. Joint Working Groups may be formed by the Board and assigned to a lead team.

  • Purpose: Coordinate efforts of three groups exploring Open Educational Resources, Data Sets, and physical sharing of unique collections.
  • Background: New working group. 
Charge for FY16
  • Charge for working group: The group as a whole is responsible for exploring three new areas that the Alliance has not, to date, formally considered having a role in.
  • Charges for each group:
    • OERs: Explore possible Alliance role(s) in creation, discovery, and access to Open Educational Resources (OER)s, including e-textbooks. Create a report for CCD that succinctly defines OERs; the issues with their creation and management; locating quality OERs for educational use; and what role(s), if any, the Alliance might play. Closely coordinate with group associated with the Alliance Professional Development Award on OERs. 
    • Data Sets: Perform environmental scan of data management issues in Alliance institutions in order to determine needs, current practices, and an appropriate Alliance role. Create a report for CCD that succinctly defines data sets; emerging requirements for long-term maintenance by granting agencies; the issues with their creation, management, and use; the state of data management at Alliance institutions; and what role(s), if any, the Alliance might play.
    • Share Unique Collections: Explore physical collection sharing by connecting with existing formal and informal collection sharing activities in region. Create a report for CCD that summarizes those activities, identifies the issues associated with physical collection sharing, and what role(s), if any, the Alliance might play.