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This report covers a few highlights of Orbis Cascade Alliance activities that are not already included in other reports or Council’s agenda.  Please let me know if you would like to hear more on any of these topics.

Collaborative Technical Services Symposium
In early September I met with the Five Colleges Consortium (Massachusetts) to discuss mutual interests, with a special focus on collaborative technical services.  Participants included Susan Perry (Senior Advisor to the Mellon Foundation), the five directors, and all members of the Technical Services Consolidation Task Force.  The meeting was productive and there has been much follow up activity concerning the possibility of working together on a Collaborative Technical Services Symposium.  You can expect to hear more on that front.
WorldCat Local Day
Executive Committee and I have been discussing the possibility of organizing an event that would focus on the reference and instruction implications of WorldCat Local and Navigator.  Interest is quite strong and I feel certain that we will work on such an event.  If you or your staff have particular interests or suggestions in this area, please forward to me pending formation of a program group.
Digital Services Planning Report
The Digital Program Working Group and Executive Committee have both expended much time and effort on the recommendations stemming from the Alliance's IMLS planning grant.  Although once envisioned for the September meeting, this topic is now scheduled for consideration by Council in November.
November Council Meeting and next steps for the Strategic Agenda
November will be a very important Council meeting.  You may recall that we intentionally charged most of the task forces working on the Strategic Agenda to finish their work and make recommendations in time for this meeting.  As a result, here is what you can look forward to in November:
    •     Digital Program Working Group -- final report
    •     Regional Library Services Cooperative Task Force -- final report
    •     Network Library System Task Force -- status report
    •     Shared Bibliographic Database Task Force -- final report
    •     Collaborative Technical Services Task Force -- final report
    •     Institutional Repositories Task Force -- final report
Most of these groups are done as of this meeting so this will be a time to process their findings and then revise and refocus as needed for the next stage of the Strategic Agenda.
Update on Alliance staff
Anya Arnold started as Resource Sharing Program Manager in June 2009.  Anya is relocating from Ohio and will be working out of the Alliance offices in Eugene beginning in mid-October.  Anya is responsible for Summit and works closely with the Summit Planning and Operations Team (SPOT).  Anya will attend and present a Summit Update during Council's September 2009 meeting.

Nancy Nathanson returned in July 2009 after six months off to serve in the Oregon Legislature.  Nancy is now working half time as Training Coordinator.  In this role Nancy will concentrate on documentation and training for Summit.  She is also helping to support the work of the Collaborative Technical Services Task Force.

Jodi Allison-Bunnell (NWDA Program Manager) is expecting her second child and will be on maternity leave from October 8, 2009 to January 7, 2010.  I recently enjoyed spending some time with Jodi's son Camas.  He is clearly excited and looking forward to being a big brother.  More on planning for Jodi's leave.

Debi Baker (Business Manager) has changed her name to Debi Place.  Her email and phone remain the same.
Alliance staff
Electronic Resources
Greg Doyle (ER Program Manager) and the ER Committee have been working had as usual.  Highlights include:
  • EBSCO in Oregon: 27 academic libraries in Oreogn committed more than $475,000 to continue their EBSCO subscriptions after the Oregon statewide contract was awarded to Gale.
  • Journal packages: renewing journal packages is a particular challenge as budgets have been cut and members have had to make difficult funding decision.  Considerable effort has been expended on renewals for Cambridge (done), Sage (in process), and Springer (in process).
  • LMDC joins the ER non-member program: The Library and Media Directors' Council (Washington's community and technical colleges) is now participating as a group in the Alliance ER non-member program.  This arrangement is similar to group participation by the Oregon Community Colleges Library Association (OCCLA). You may recall that Council launched this program shortly after the Alliance was formed with the goal of serving libraries that are natural partners but not members of the Alliance.  Like the courier program, non-members pay admin fees and are served on a full-cost recovery basis.  OCCLA and LMDC each participate as groups in the program.  As a result, we are able to minimize overhead by having one person represent a number of libraries.
Greg will be at Council's September meeting and will be glad to address questions concerning the ER Program.
Visit by MOBIUS
A contingent of librarians from MOBIUS (Missouri) will be visiting with Alliance and member library staff on October 1.
Courier RFP
Every five years we go out to bid for courier service and that time is upon us again.  Debi Place (Alliance Business Manager and Courier Program Manager) is revising the RFP and we will soon look for staff that would like to serve on a scoring committee.
Northwest Digital Archives
  • NWDA use statistics: Use of the NWDA database continues at a steady pace, with over 15,000 documents retrieved in August 2009. The most popular finding aids are from the Montana Historical Society, Eastern Washington State Historical Society, University of Oregon, Museum of History & Industry (Seattle, WA), and the University of Washington.
  • NEH Grant: In July, NWDA completed an NEH grant application for $162,404 to add three new institutions to NWDA (Boise State University, Montana State University, The Evergreen State College) and facilitate fuller participation from current members OIT, EWU, WOU. NEH will notify us in March 2010; if funded, the project will begin in July 2010 and conclude in June 2011. 
  • NHPRC Grant: NWDA is writing a grant application to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC, the granting arm of the National Archives) for $85,000 to assist emergent archival programs at seven colleges. Participating institutions represent the importance of religious groups in the development and settlement of the Northwest and the history of higher education: Concordia, GFU, Linfield, Pacific, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific, and the UPS. The grant will enable these institutions to expose their collections through NWDA, the digital program, or both. If funded, the project will begin in July 2010 and conclude in September 2011.
2009 Johannah Sherrer Memorial Lecture in Library Service
The Sherrer lecture is always a great event and this year Betsy Wilson will be providing a presentation entitled "Straws in the Wind:  Emerging Models of Library Service."  Friday, September 25 at 3 PM in Gordon Smith Hall on the campus of Lewis & Clark College.  I highly recommend this event and look forward to seeing many of you there.

For further information about the Sherrer Lecture, see: http://library.lclark.edu/lib/sherrer.htm