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Wiley Online Library: UBCM and Frontlist

Wiley Purchase Models

Wiley Online Library: UBCM (March 2016-March 2020)

Wiley and the Alliance agreed to test an EBA model called Usage Based Collection Management (UBCM) for buying Wiley Online Library e-books. All Alliance library patrons will receive access to more than 19,000 titles on the Wiley Online Library platform. Wiley provides yearly usage reports, which helps the Alliance determine which titles to acquire at the end of the year using funds deposited at the beginning of the pilot year.
The first year of the pilot ran from May 2016 through April 2017. At the end of FY 2017, the Alliance purchased 536 Wiley ebooks after analyzing individual institution usage, broadly used, and overall highly used titles. The second year of the pilot began in May 2017 and will be funded on the FY 2018 budget. GOBI Library Solutions has been a partner through Year 4.

Wiley Online Library: Frontlist (2020- )

Beginning with imprint year 2020, the Alliance switched from a "usage-based" selection model to a front list purchase model. With usage data affirming that the consortium was continuing to see high usage in previously selected titles and starting to make selections from the "long tail," the Alliance transitioned to a front list purchase model. In this new model, the consortium will purchase the entire output for each imprint year it participates in. Because of this change, all UBCM selections were made from imprint year 2019 or earlier to avoid redundant purchasing. 

  • Devotes 100% of funds to purchasing titles
  • Provides access to frontlist and purchased backlist titles with no DRM.
  • Alliance will own entire imprint year.

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