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Alliance Electronic Resources Procedures for Vendors

For pricing purposes, vendors may contact Alliance electronic resources for member and affiliate non-member FTE. Other data, such as a particular academic program's FTE or an institution’s materials budget, may be requested from Alliance accounting.

Alliance consortium prices must be mediated through and confirmed by Alliance ER staff. Vendors are welcome to contact libraries to propose a consortial agreement for their product(s), but any prices quoted directly by vendors to subscribers are not considered valid Alliance prices.

Vendor invoices must be dated no earlier than the beginning of the subscription period and reference the correct Alliance purchase order.

Vendor W-9 (or appropriate W-8) must be:
  • Signed and dated.
  • Not older than 3 years. 
  • A current form.
Invoice processing that includes payment by check may take an additional two weeks. Orders over $500k require signature of the Treasurer and may take up to five weeks to produce a signed PO.

We prefer to use paperless billing. Please send invoices via email as pdf attachments to accounting@orbiscascade.org. All questions related to billing should be directed to:

Amy Wheeler
Finance Manager

Orbis Cascade Alliance
2300 Oakmont Way Suite 112
Eugene OR 97401

Updated April 15, 2020