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Alliance Procedures for Requesting an Electronic Resource Trial

Full Alliance members and enrolled non-members may request electronic resource trials for existing and new electronic resource subscriptions by contacting Alliance ER staff directly. Contact Margarita Wickham for trials of current resources, and Joan Thompson for trials of resources that the Alliance does not subscribe to.

To find out if the product you want is already available through our program, search the subscription summaries listing, by renewal calendar month, or alphabetical order.

The person requesting a trial should provide enough information for staff to understand what the product is. In the case of new products, please provide:
  • The product name
  • A link to a product description on the web
  • The publisher and/or vendor
Email communication between vendors and subscribers needs to be copied to the ER staff member handling the trial.

Problems with accessing the resource may also be addressed to the ER staff member handling the trial.

Trials generally go for 30 days but may be extended if the school wishes to purchase the resource immediately. While the order is being completed and payment processed, the trial extension will allow the subscriber to maintain access to the resource content.