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Alliance Procedures for Renewing Electronic Resource Subscriptions

Renewal of resources does not cover changes of vendors. Alliance ER staff handle renewals according to a renewal calendar, which may be accessed here.

A minimum of three participating institutions is required in order to purchase or renew a product through the Alliance, unless the product is part of a larger package. If the number of participating subscribers drops below three, Alliance ER staff will notify the remaining subscriber(s) that they will need to renew directly with the vendor.

Two months or more prior to renewal, the vendor is queried regarding pricing. The vendor provides a quote, and Alliance staff check to see if the price increase is reasonable. If that is not the case, they negotiate for a lower price.

After pricing is confirmed, an announcement email is sent from eresources@orbiscascade.org to the Alliance ER member and non-member lists notifying of the pending renewal.The email announcement provides:
  • Information regarding the product(s), including links to current title lists if available
  • Best list pricing
  • Alliance quotes for current subscribers
  • An opportunity to renew, drop, or get a quote
  • A response deadline for inclusion in the renewal purchase order
    • This is usually 2-3 weeks depending on when the vendor provides pricing
    • The deadline can also be located on the Deadline Reminders public Google calendar
This announcement notifies current subscribers that they have the opportunity to drop their subscription up to the deadline. Non-response is treated as an automatic renewal.

We request that the details of Electronic Resources communication be kept confidential between program participants. Schools that are not currently enrolled in either the member or non-member program need to contact Joan Thompson before they can participate in Alliance business, such as requesting quotes and trials.

Each institution’s representative is responsible for monitoring the ER list for renewals. Should that person be absent for more than a day or two, they will need to have another individual who can monitor the list for them and keep them informed.

Alliance ER staff are responsible for negotiating the lowest subscription purchase price, renewal price and annual price increase. From time to time, we may make subscribers aware of better deals offered by other vendors for the same product.

Libraries are expected to maintain their subscription for the life of the subscription period (typically one year). In the case of multi-year contracts and licenses, Alliance staff may negotiate to allow for mid-year cancellations due only to exigent financial circumstances.

Margarita and Joan welcome ER participants' feedback regarding the renewal process. Our procedures may change over time as we receive feedback from subscribers.