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Alliance Procedures for Ordering and Renewing Electronic Resource Subscriptions

Alliance ER staff manages e-resource orders and renewals according to a renewal calendar, which may be accessed here.
  • Each Alliance resource has a single renewal date (see below).
  • New Alliance subscription orders will be treated as part of the renewal process.
  • Renewal of resources does not cover changes of vendors.
  • A minimum of three (3) participants is required for a resource subscription to be managed by the Alliance (see below).


A minimum of three participating institutions is required in order to subscribe to (or subsequently renew) a product through the Alliance. Note: If the number of participating subscribers drops below three, Alliance ER staff will notify the remaining subscriber(s) that they will need to renew directly with the vendor.

The Alliance only manages a single renewal date per resource. Institutions wishing to join the Alliance subscription who currently subscribe with an off-cycle renewal date should:
  • Contact the content provider directly.
  • Request an initial prorated subscription term (i.e., partial year) to synchronize with the Alliance renewal date.
  • Request Alliance pricing for the prorated subscription term (at publisher's discretion; not always granted).
  • Respond to the Alliance renewal announcement to ensure inclusion in the Alliance subscription going forward.
If you are interested in a subscription to a resource not currently managed by the Alliance, please contact eresources@orbiscascade.org. Keep in mind that a minimum of three participants is required for the Alliance to manage a resource. To gauge interest of other members, please feel free to inquire via the ts-eresources@orbiscascade.org list.


Annual Renewals. For annual renewals, content providers are typically queried regarding pricing two or more months prior to renewal. The vendor provides a quote, which is proactively vetted by Alliance staff. 

Multi-Year Agreements. For multi-year agreements, discussion about new agreements may start six months or more before a new agreement is expected to be signed.

After pricing is confirmed, an announcement email is sent from eresources@orbiscascade.org to the Alliance ER member and non-member lists notifying of the pending renewal.The email announcement provides:
  • Information regarding the product(s), including links to current title lists if available
  • Best list pricing
  • Alliance quotes for current subscribers
  • An opportunity to renew, drop, or get a quote
  • A response deadline for inclusion in the renewal purchase order
    • This is usually 2-3 weeks depending on when the vendor provides pricing
    • The deadline can also be located on the Deadline Reminders public Google calendar
Renewal Notification. This announcement notifies current subscribers that they have the opportunity to drop their subscription up to the deadline. Non-response is treated as an automatic renewal. Following the close of the review period, a renewal confirmation notice will be sent and include a summary of any changes.

Communication. Details of Alliance e-resources communication should be shared beyond program member and affiliate participants, and Alliance staff. This expectation includes information shared on Alliance email lists. Libraries that are not currently enrolled in the program should contact eresources@orbiscascade.org to inquire about participation.
  • Note: Each institution is responsible for monitoring the respective ER lists for renewal information on a continuous basis. 

Central Staff. Alliance ER staff are responsible for negotiating the lowest subscription purchase price, renewal price, annual price increase, and terms for centrally-managed licenses. From time to time, we may make subscribers aware of better deals offered by other vendors for the same product.

Cancellations. Libraries are expected to maintain their subscription for the entirety of the subscription period (typically one year). In the case of multi-year agreements, Alliance staff will try to negotiate for cancellations due only to exigent financial circumstances. Note that off-cycle cancellations (whether for one- or multi-year agreements) may only be granted by the publisher and are not usually allowed. Except for cases of financial exigency as permitted within a signed license, it is incumbent on the institution to work directly with the provider for a possible cancellation.

Feedback. Subscriber feedback regarding products and/or process is encouraged. Our procedures may change over time as we receive input from subscribers.

Updated January 14, 2020