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CDMC: Ebook Working Group (Expired)

Background & History

The Orbis Cascade Alliance's Ebook Program was launched as a pilot in July 2011. Since then, it became a sustained program of the consortium. The Ebook Working Group, a subset of the CDMC, provides leadership and oversight for the program. The committee members examine all components of the program, such as business models, use statistics, and purchasing patterns. They use this information to effectively work with their YBP and EBL vendor partners to maximize the benefit of the program to the Alliance members.

  Serin Anderson, Chair
 St. Martin's University
 Jim Bunnelle
 Lewis & Clark College
 Nancy Sprague
 University of Idaho
 Tom Larsen
 Portland State University
 Sara Seely
 Portland Community College
 Joanne Percy
 Eastern Washington University
 Linda Di Biase  University of Washington
 Kathi Carlisle Fountain
 Orbis Cascade Alliance

DDA Liaisons
Each institution appoints a representative to provide feedback and advice on on the Ebook Program.
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