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ProQuest E-book Subscription Package


During the pandemic, PQ has worked with many publishers to upgrade to ebook access to unlimited usage (in cases where access was not already unlimited). While not feasible for a new CZ collection to be created, PQ has provided a list of all titles eligible for upgrade.

Regarding this list, please note:

  • It is a large spreadsheet of ~900,000 titles.
  • The Alliance does not have access to all of these titles.
  • Titles included in Academic Complete and/or University Presses is identified in this list.
  • In many cases, the Alliance will have already had unlimited access.
  • Upgrades reflected in this list should also apply to any institutionally purchases outside of the Alliance subscriptions.

ProQuest Ebook Academic Complete

In September 2014, the Orbis Cascade Alliance expanded the content in their e-book program by subscribing to what is now ProQuest Ebook Academic Central for the entire consortium. Proquest University Press ebook titles were also made available through the Alliance PQ Academic Complete subscription starting September 2017.
This subscription provides over 130,000 e-books from a variety of academic publishers to the members' patrons. Academic Complete is provided through the ProQuest Ebook Central platform. Academic Complete complements the Alliance”s current publisher-based Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) programs by providing an extensive number of back list titles, including titles from publishers that are not part of the EBA programs


As of 12/2017 there are over 134,000 titles in Ebook Central Academic Complete. The majority of these titles were published 1995-2017, with a smaller number going back as far to the early 20th century.

For assistance, contact the chair of the Ebook Standing Group (find the current chair at https://www.orbiscascade.org/e-book-working-group/ ) and/or the Alliance Program Manager for Shared Content & Technical Services, Jesse Holden (jholden@orbiscascade.org).

Title List (you can create a login at the webpage if you don”t have one already)

New: Proquest University Press Collection

In order for Alliance users to access this content in Primo, the CZ collection ‘Ebook Central University Press’ needs to be activated by each institution. (Remember when activating the collection to add your Ebook central institution code to the "Customer ID" field in the electronic collection when activating it). No new updates to proxy are necessary because it is on the Ebook Central platform.

Training Resources

ProQuest LibGuides: https://proquest.libguides.com/ebookcentral/home

Provides information and instructions for all aspects of ProQuest Ebook Central, the platform that hosts ProQuest Central Academic Complete. Includes links for further training and support.

Annual Alliance usage:


Titles Removed from Academic Complete

Management in Alma / Primo

Alliance member libraries are expected to activate the Academic Library collection in the Alma Community Zone.

Policy: Activation of Community Zone Collection for Alliance Ebrary Academic Complete Subscription (Approved by CTST 12/12/2014; excerpted below.)

Policy on Activation of Community Zone collection for Alliance ebrary Academic Complete Subscription 

It is Alliance policy that all libraries activate the ProQuest Ebook Academic Complete (formerly ebrary Academic Complete) collection in Alma”s Community Zone (CZ). In order to achieve efficient maintenance of this consortial resource, libraries should activate the CZ collection, which will then receive updates as the collection is improved.
Some libraries have loaded ProQuest Ebook Academic Collection records to the IZ, and some have loaded them to the NZ. Libraries may also maintain OCLC holdings on this collection in WorldCat or theOCLC Knowledgebase, and this triggers the delivery of MARC records to the NZ.

Duplicate records in the NZ cause Primo display problems for all Alliance members. Because it is important, particularly for a shared collection such as this, that we share practices in our shared environment, CTST-Cataloging has determined that the CZ activation approach is the best choice. The other alternatives (loading records to the IZ, loading records to the NZ) considered would involve too much labor-intensive management at the institution level. Before requiring this level of commitment from all member libraries, the Alliance has decided to try CZ activation as our initial approach.

Concern: Low quality of metadata for the Ebrary Academic Complete CZ collection

A high-priority Alliance-wide case (#00116796) has been opened, requesting that Ex Libris update this collection in the CZ. Ex Libris and ProQuest are working together on this issue now.