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Information updated on August 4, 2014.

Short term loan fees increased on June 1st, July 1st, and August 1st for our ProQuest/EBL demand driven acquisitions program. This page is intended to provide details about the increases and keep you informed of the actions the Ebook Working Group will take to manage the impact on our budget.

This summer, ProQuest announced a list of publishers that will be increasing short term loan fees on all imprints in DDA programs. The new charges are approximately 2- to 10-times current rates. The  publishers listed below have raised rates. (confirmed 8/3/14) Those in bold are in the Orbis Cascade Alliance's DDA program.

  • Ashgate
  • Bloombury (incl. A&C Black, Berg, Hart; Continuum)
  • Cambridge UP
  • Charles C Thomas
  • DeGruyter
  • Emerald
  • Guilford
  • John Benjamins
  • Kogan Page
  • Louisiana State University
  • NYU Press
  • Oxford UP
  • Princeton UP
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Taylor and Francis
  • World Scientific
  • Wiley

In the first two cycles of increases, Wiley had not confirmed new higher rates. However, they had new rates go into effect on August 1.

When rate increases were first announced, we conducted spend estimates based on the new rates and our actual charges between July 2013 and April 2014. Our initial estimates showed that we would have spent an additional $443,000 during that period had the new rates been in effect.

There are two factors affecting those costs.

  1. The number of titles available to patrons from publishers raising rates. At the time of our estimate, 81% of the titles in the Alliance DDA program were from publishers expected to raise rates.
  2. The high number of short term loans (STL) allowed before purchase. The FY14 purchase trigger was set at 15 STLs. The higher the allowed number of STLs before purchase, the higher the eventual cost of purchase. Given our purchase multiplier, we considered the high short term loan costs a way to best manage our budget.

To reduce costs in FY15, the Ebook Working Group examined a variety of options. They approved the removal of 4,957 titles from the discovery pool. Those titles were either above our $250 price cap or had a publication date of 2011 and earlier. Those titles were removed on August 1st.

The list of titles to purchase and remove includes use data for individual libraries. Libraries may evaluate their use and choose to purchase a local copy of a title being removed from the Alliance program. There were 4,976 titles slated for removal. Of that number, 3880 had short term loans, and library use is provided by library for each title. Some titles have more than 15 short term loans (our trigger number) because they were used heavily during a period that we suspended purchasing to save money.

We bought 268 titles available for sale on the attached list with end of the year funds. These are titles with 12+ short term loans at 6+ libraries selected from the list of removal candidates (more than $250 or 2011 or older).

We will continue to review our budget and determine if additional actions are necessary. If you have additional suggestions for approaches, please let us know. Strategies still under consideration are the following:

  • Reduce the purchase trigger.
  • Lowering our price limit for our profile going forward.
If you have thoughts, concerns, etc., please contact Joan Thompson (Alliance) or Kristi DeShazo, Ebook Working Group Chair (Oregon Health & Science University).