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Established: January 2015
This group advises the EAD Database (Archives West) function of the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service of the CCD Program. Specifically, it supports CCD's second-priority goal for FY17: Continuity of support for the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service. It will assist Alliance staff with implementing the Archives West technical support plan, including fully analyzing the accessibility problems with Archives West, involvement with end user testing and annual interaction with participating institutions. It will continue to monitor and make recommendations about relevant external standards, including but not limited to EAD3, EAC-CPF, and RDA.

The group will interact with the Unique Collections in the SILS Working Group (UCSILS WG) about potential changes in the longstanding practice of preparing MARC records for Archives West finding aids. Depending on the recommendations of the UCSILS WG, the EAD Database WG (EADDB WG) members may need to prepare a minor update to the Alliance's EAD Best Practices. The group will also interact with the Discovery & Delivery Team on accessibility issues.

A related small group will be examining options for and potentially recommending changes to finding aid encoding and display in Archives West in order to accommodate actionable rights statements. That group will bring its recommendation to the EAD DB WG as the working group begins in January.

Timeline: This group will work between January and June 2017
    • January-February: Accessibility analysis of Archives West. Complete one third-party inventory (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) or WCAG Level AA). Report to CCD Team on most pressing issues to resolve and a timeline for doing so.
    • March-April: Write scripts for user testing; assist Program Manager with carrying out testing; observe and recommend any needed changes to Archives West. Report to CCD Team.
    • April-May: As needed, A/B testing and validation testing based on near-term plans for revisions based on previous user testing.

    • Throughout: Interact with the UCSILS WG and Discovery & Delivery Team on issues related to accessibility and other changes in Archives West.

    • March-April: Assist Program Manager with creating and analyzing the annual survey of Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service participants.

    • June-July: Assist Program Manager with scoping and testing changes to Archives West.

    • Throughout: As needed, monitor and report on external standards

Working Group members should have one or more (but do not need to have all) of the following skills or areas of expertise:
  • Knowledge of website accessibility issues, including but not limited to Section 508 requirements, WCAG Level AA compliance, and the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Ideally, WG members should be from an institution currently under Department of Justice scrutiny on accessibility issues with a mandate to resolve them.
  • Knowledge of commonly accepted user experience principles and experience with testing end users.
  • Encoded Archival Description, particularly the Alliance’s EAD Best Practices, and the workflows of institutions that participate in the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service.
The EAD Database WG is open to individuals employed by both Alliance members and non-Alliance members that participate in the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service.

Type of Group and General Comments
Teams can form ad hoc working groups that are chaired by a team member with membership drawn from staff at member libraries. Selected working groups might also include non-members. For example, a working group concerned with the courier might include non-member participants. Joint Working Groups may be formed by the Board and assigned to a lead team.