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The E-Content Group (ECG) is a standing group that works under the auspices of the Alliance SharedContent& Technical Services (SCTS) Team. It is composed of five (5) staff from Alliance member libraries with expertise and interest in e-resource acquisition, licensing, and vendor management. The group also includes Program Manager-SCTS and E-Resources Specialist. Outcomes for this working group include:

  • Review Alliance-wide licenses for e-resources to ensure alignment with Alliance values and the strategic plan. The ECG will work to draft model license language when appropriate. 
  • Evaluate internal cost allocations for e-resources on a regular basis to ensure equity across Alliance e-resource subscribers. The ECG will propose new or amended allocation as needed. 
  • Determine how Open Access (OA) can be incorporated into the Alliance SCTS program. The ECG will consider opportunities to support and promote OA in a consortial context. (Anticipated to start no earlier than Year 2 of the strategic plan.)


Current Members

 Jill Emery, Chair  Portland State University   2019-2021
 Faye Chistenberry  University of Washington  2019-2021
 Carleigh Hill  Whitworth University  2019-2021
 Madeline Kelly  Western Washington University  2019-2021
 Karen Kunz  Oregon Institute of Technology  2019-2020
 Jamie Bogdash, ER Specialist  Orbis Cascade Alliance  Ex Officio
 Jesse Holden, PM Shared Content  Orbis Cascade Alliance  Ex Officio