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Ebook Standing Group

Background & History

The Orbis Cascade Alliance's E-book Program was launched as a pilot in July 2011. Initially the E-book Working Group was established as a subset of the Shared Content Team to provide leadership and oversight for the program. Since then, it has became a sustained part of the consortium. The E-book Standing Group (ESG) operates under the auspices of the Shared Content & Technical Services (SCTS) Team.

ESG members examine all components of the e-book program, such as business and access models, usage statistics, and purchasing patterns. They use this information to work effectively with content partners to maximize the benefit of the program to Alliance members.

Name Institution Term
Emily Miller-Francisco,
Southern Oregon University 2019-2020
Jim Bunnelle Lewis & Clark 2019-2020
Cat Finney COCC 2019-2020
Elsa Loftis  Portland State University 2019-2021
Morag Stewart UW 2019-2020
Lorri Trimble TESC 2019-2021
Carin Yavorcik Concordia 2019-2020
Jesse Holden,
Program Manager,
Shared Content & Technical Services
Orbis Cascade Alliance Ex officio

Andrea Langhurst Eickholt, Chair
 Eastern Washington University
Abigail Bibee
 Reed College
Michelle Weston
 Western Washington University
Tom Larsen
 Portland State University 
Faye Christenberry
 University of Washington
Lorena O'English
 Washington State University
Alexander Rolfe
 George Fox University