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Established: 2016 September as Digital Collections Working group; 2017 September as DCBP SG

Type of Group and General Comments
Standing. For more information, see the Team Structure page.
Maintain and refine Dublin Core standards and associated documentation. Fall 2017 will have a particular focus on rights statements.


Outcomes to Produce
  • As soon as possible this fall, lead and facilitate discussions with the ULC community and Alliance membership about standardized and free-text rights statements. Topics should include:
    • The overall purpose and intent of standardized rights statements. What do members see as issues or barriers? How successful have they been in facilitating institution-wide conversation on approaches to risk management? What support or knowledge do they need to do this effectively?
    • How does the Alliance want to handle the non-rights-related content that has often been added to free-text rights statements, including citation formats, credit lines, purchase information, and boilerplate text about fair use? 
  • After these discussions:
    • Advise LSTA funded Workshop Instructor to revise rights workshops
    • Complete any necessary changes to the Alliance’s Dublin Core Best Practices
  • Work for spring 2018 will come out of fall activities; the ULC Team will work with the group on additional outcomes

Level of Decision-Making Authority
Operational / Functional

2017 October-2018 June

Background and Context
The DCBP SG comes out of several years of work on aggregated digital collections, starting in 2014 and continuing with the Digital Content Metadata Working Group (2015) and Digital Collections Working Group (2016-2017). Previous groups identified common metadata best practices as key for meaningful aggregation.

The work was supported in 2016-2017 by a LSTA grant supporting a metadata applications librarian who further refined the Alliance’s Dublin Core Best Practices (DCBP).

Review of metadata contributed via the Alliance harvester in summer 2017 indicated a need for additional discussion around the use of rights statements as well as additional support needed for institutions in meeting the DCBP.

Number of Members Needed
4-6 people

Skills Needed
Group members should have one or more of the following:
  • Experience with copyright and usage in digital collections, particularly the development and application of standardized rights statements.
  • Considerable expertise with Dublin Core (simple or qualified, both preferred)
  • Experience with or interest in large-scale digital collections aggregation
  • Experience with applying Alliance DC metadata best practices
Also, see the chart on this page for overall expectations of all Alliance group members.