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2:00 PM, October 6, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas(not attending), E.J. Carter (not attending), Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto,  Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand (minutes), Keith Folsom


Tue, Oct 6, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


    You can also dial in using your phone.

    United States +1 (571) 317-3122

    Access Code: 731-876-221


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

    Documentation site available mid to late October, put on team webpage temporarily

  1. Idea for Alliance Enhancement Request process follow-up- (Keith and Kelly)

Salesforce list follow up with Al; work with reps on individual cases on a quarterly basis - start implementing toward the end of fall term (before the break) or end of November.  Primo enhancement voting will complicate the issue so try to keep them separate. Also can submit things later if people miss “the window.”

  1. WG updates    

    • Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Question from group: How is the Alliance tracking Alliance SF cases that have been classified as enhancement requests by Ex Libris?- This is also part of the Salesforce follow up discussion above (#2).  XL can pull a report of all potential enhancement requests if we desire. Open AND closed cases? Not sure.

      2. NR Testing is underway on the Premium sandbox.  Feedback is starting to come in.  So far all positive. - 2 responses - both say “go”, one issue identified by D. M. and working on identifying options for that.  Deadline is Monday by 4pm.

      3. Punchlist review continues - 38/51 items have been “triaged”.

    • Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Received 7 nominations for new members

      2. Keith and Stephanie will review on Thursday - choose 2 new members!  YAY!

    • Summit 3 COE (Jesse out - Keith will talk about it )

      1. Barcode/paging slips - many feel barcodes would be helpful, but multiple items might fill the request so the slip doesn’t get a barcode.  Local slips usually have barcodes.  Could be randomly assigned, but not much feedback or support on the list. Enhancement request might not have a chance/wide enough support. Jesse will investigate but may not work with some workflows.

  1. Alma Release Notes Sharing/Request Form Testing (Keith)

    For Lesley, request form testing may interfere with norm rules testing?  May make display of records inconsistent with their production environment.  (I’ll make sure our folks are not testing NRs tomorrow so I can do this then. @Lesley)  Jennifer’s crew can take a look at it.  

DD Reps list email pointing to release notes and as them to take a look and offer to test.  Keith could forward the testing credentials to those interested.

  1. Primo UI Demo with Miri Botzer--Week of October 19 (Keith)

    Miri would like to do a demo in the next couple of weeks.  Shooting for after the NR testing.  Could do as part of this meeting but Miri most likely in Israel so time zone issues.  With the whole team, but not necessary for the whole community.  Keith will try to get some possible times from Miri - early mornings best. (Monday or Tuesday preferred)


  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    UofPuget to test PDS with Wade starting the 13th or so

Adjourned at 2:36pm

2:00 PM, October 13, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto (absent),  Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom (minutes)


D&D Team

Tue, Oct 13, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


    You can also dial in using your phone.

    United States +1 (312) 757-3121

    Access Code: 652-543-413


Review actions from last meeting:


  1. WG updates    

    • Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Testing for NR changes has closed.  NRWG Go/no-go recommendations are on the feedback spreadsheet.  Need final approval from DDT for go-live. [Only two rules need to be sidelined and done later, so we’re a GO on all else]

      2. Next Steps:

        1. PBO Configuration guide for institutions will be distributed with announcement about go-live this afternoon. [Includes info on how to handle changes needed as result of norm rules changes]

        2. Need Al to activate ISBN normalization in production search engine configuration before end-of-day tomorrow.

          1. Superadmin setting under Search Engine Configuration → Miscellaneous → ISBN Normalization.

          2. I think this requires a search engine restart as well as a renorm/reindex.

        3. Lesley will move approved NR changes to production this evening.

        4. NRWG members will proofread the NRs in production tomorrow.

        5. Lesley will contact Al and Keith (?) tonight to okay the kickoff of production renorm/reindex on Thursday.

      3. And after…

        1. There should be a sync of ALLIANCE_ALMA_CP from production down to Premium Sandbox and Small sandbox after the production renorm/reindex, to get norm rules on an even footing across all environments.  

          1. This will require a PSbox renorm/reindex to complete.

    • Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Two new members have been appointed

    • Summit 3 COE (Jesse/ Keith)

      1. Barcode/paging slips update [rolling out to a few test institutions, will consider making more widely available depending on testing]

      2. Summit lending policies - sample form

        1. Chelle sums it up nicely: “anything that would be easy to create, use and maintain would lack the level of detail we need, whereas a detailed matrix would be difficult to use & maintain.

      3. Visiting Summit patrons

        1. Keith and I will be updating the language on the Alliance website to make it more consistent throughout.

        2. I sent out an email to the reps on Sunday asking them to review their institutional information on this page.

        3. UW has expressed concerns about contacting their circ desk to confirm a patron’s information. They don’t give out confidential patron information over the phone. We might want to eliminate that as an option and just go with the Primo login instead now that everyone has migrated over.

      4. Alma Fulfillment Network

        1. I’ve posted some documentation about this to our DD Team shared folder

        2. We got a brief glimpse at this when we tested the visiting patron functionality in Alma back in December.

        3. Our feeling at the time was that it shared too much confidential patron information so we disabled it.

        4. It doesn’t look like much has changed since then, so we probably won’t be turning it on anytime soon (and it’s not quite ready for primetime yet anyways). Just thought you might be curious to see what ExL is developing.

      5. Ongoing conversation about letter customization in Alma

        1. Lori has created a Google Doc where people can submit examples of how they’ve customized their letters (hopefully they will also share their corresponding xml data).

  1. Renorm/Reindex(Keith)


  1. Primo UI Demo with Miri Botzer--Week of October 19, Tuesday or Wednesday (Keith) [Will be Tuesday, 10/20, at 8am.  Keith will also ask Miri to record the session]

  1. Team time with candidates for Project Manager position (Kelly). The team will have time with the candidates via a GotoMeeting.  I will let you know as soon as we have dates and times. [Likely in mid-November]

  1. Discovery Open Call (Kelly)- Oct. 26th. Barbara Valentine will be guest hosting. Focus will be on instruction.

    • Teaching Strategies on Primo :

    • Best way to position Primo in relation to specialized databases

    • Teaching and Help Tools - what is in your arsenal that you can share with us - (such as lib guides, short videos & how-tos on website, etc.)

    • What works for you?  

  1. Alma/Primo Sandbox linking for Summit request form testing (Keith) [Works for WU, Lesley will experiment further with WWU]   

  2. Additions from D&D Team Members?

2:00 PM, October 20, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas (minutes), E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto,  Kelly  Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom


Tue, Oct 20, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (872) 240-3312 Access Code: 448-987-805


Review actions from last meeting:


  1. WG updates    

    • Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Waiting for renorm/reindex to finish; then we’ll see if there are any problem reports related to the latest NR changes.

      2. Working on putting together a list of do-able changes for the Thanksgiving weekend renorm/reindex.

      3. Given the current situation with renorm/reindex time on production, should we still be planning to go ahead with a Thanksgiving renorm/reindex?

      4. Asking testers to wait until the process finishes before reporting problems; putting a list together of do-able changes for Thanksgiving window; do we still want to have a Thanksgiving renorm in light of the current delays? finals are just around the corner; worst possible time to do a renorm/reindex!

      5. Next window would be week after Thanksgiving. Also problematic. Then the next opportunity will be February. Need to do another one soon to reimplement norm rules

      6. Let’s wait until next week before we decide. we need to have changes in premium sandbox by 11/10 if we want to press ahead with the Thanksgiving window. Lesley will report back to NRWG. The longer we wait, the more testing will be required of the NRWG in a shorter time period.

    • Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. No update.

    • Summit 3 COE (Jesse/ Keith)

      1. Reviewed upcoming fixes and discussed Alma workflow profiles on our COE call last week. These are some of the updates that should be coming in November (still pressing Chen & Moshe for confirmation details):

        1. Syncing Errors [Priority Issue] - In November: 1) Requests failing due to timeout should be reduced. 2) You will be able to re-send requests stuck in ʺReady to be Sentʺ status w/o causing duplicates.

        2. Sticky Radio Buttons - The radio buttons on the Print Slip report [User & XML] should both be sticky. CM> Fixed in November.

        3. Cancellation Notifications - Notifications emails are being sent to patrons even when the Notify Patron toggle has been deactivated. - Fixed in November release.

        4. Delayed Response Time [Priority Issue] - Several libraries have reported extended delays when they attempt to open their Borrowing and Lending Request queues in Alma.

        5. Active/Completed Toggle - We need improved facet options for completed requests. November?

        6. Task List - Task list numbers do not match queue numbers. November?

  1. Renorm/Reindex(Keith)

    • In Primo you can see running pipes. CP_Alma_Renorm usually takes 48 hours. latest attempt was crawling along (run time was 84:13:32); ExL suspected that an earlier Sept. problem might have been affecting it.

    • ExL hopes to have more details when they come for their upcoming site visit. Fingers crossed for Israeli developers.

    • We need to understand that ExL has made improvements before we move ahead with the next attempt. Lots of assurances, need more concrete proof.


  1. Primo UI Demo with Miri Botzer/PWG Call (Jennifer)

    • There are still some concerns among the DWG about customization in the Primo 5 Angular environment

    • Customers need the ability to tweak and test as soon as possible

    • Institutions will have the option of running Primo 4 and Primo 5 in parallel to make testing and implementation easier; would a staggered rollout cause any other complications?

    • Next meeting with Miri: January 6th?

    • We still aren’t clear about how Primo 5 will work for consortial resource sharing, i.e. More link, request forms, etc.

      1. Phase 1 - February 2016 - beta testing begins

      2. Phase 2 - May 2016 - more customizability available, including Voyager and Aleph

      3. Phase 3 - August 2016 - Ex Libris hopes to have a fully functional product ready by August

  1. Team time with candidates for Project Manager position (Kelly)

    • Questions specific to Discovery and Delivery

      1. Two finalists are Kate Cabe and Ray Henry

      2. Team members need to think up some questions specific to D&D - send questions to Kelly via email soon, interviews will be sometime in mid-November

      3. We’ll give feedback to the committee/John; pros & cons

  1. COE Analytics update (Jesse)

    • All of these sample reports can be found in the following shared folder: /shared/Community/Reports/Orbis Cascade Alliance/Circulation & Resource Sharing/COE Testing/

    • Summit Borrowing/Lending stats (including fill rates and turnaround times)

      1. Borrowing - Fill Rate & Turnaround Time

      2. Lending - Fill Rate & Turnaround Time

      3. These default to the institution of the viewer when opened.

      4. Challenges due to outlier data - syncing problems, etc. that throw averages off.

    • AAR List - ExL plans to add “Permanent Call Number” and “Fulfillment Note” to lending requests in Q1 2016; until then we’ll have to rely on a compound report to get that info

      1. AAR - lending

      2. AAR - lending 2 - call num & fulfill note

    • Summit Response Time (by partner)

      1. COE test - borrowing turnaround time

    • Have a look at these, and send any questions about the reports to Jesse.

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    • Barcode testing update (Keith)

      1. summit slips can show barcodes for items with unique availability

      2. OIT, WSU testing - working well so far

      3. enabling key required to run API; some libraries aren’t comfortable using those

      4. Keith will eventually post an announcement to see who else wants to go live with it (early next week?)

    • Open calls - Notification via “announcement” email list?

      1. Keith will post to announce list in future to share with other non-D&D staffers

2:00 PM, October 27, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter(minutes), Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward (not attending), Dena Hutto,  Kelly  Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom, Al Cornish


Tue, Oct 27, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Plase join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (571) 317-3112

Access Code: 932-719-509


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

  1. Report on Ex Libris 10/23/15 Site Visit (Al)

  1. The group discussed problems with the renorm/reindex.  Ex Libris” Matt Baker is committed to a hard timeline for performance improvements, and steps that will be taken to avoid a recurrence.  The Alliance pressed Ex Libris to be more proactive in improving Primo, rather than piecemeal or incremental steps (architecture change rather than tuning).  

  2. Ex Libris is willing to add more threads to the pipes and slices to the indexes.  Nimble storage will be moved to production.  They also propose to split the process into two parts (two weekends, one for norm rule updates, one for indexing); a second option is that indexing be continuous.  The Alliance will have to debate these options.  More will be announced Monday.

  3. The problem of switching institutional views in Primo while logged in may be solvable, possibly following the new Primo update in November.  

  4. If we had the ability to identify affected records in Alma, could search the full range of MARC fields, we could speed up the renorm/reindex process.

  5. If we go with option A, we”d have to find a way to let people know that the data they”re seeing during the renorm/reindexing window is not full and complete.

  6. One worry is that scheduling these operations on the weekend when staffing is low is dangerous if things start to break.

  7. We need to be sure we”re getting permanent solutions, not band-aids.  The problems are of scale, and the Alliance and its collections will only continue to grow (more institutions, more records, more kinds of collections).

  8. What happens with e-shelf records in the renorm window?  People will stop using it if it doesn”t work.

  9. Some in ExLibris seem more receptive to new ideas than others.  

  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. No problems reported due to new NRs on production.  One oddball behavior after the renorm/reindex has been noted in the e-Shelf list - Clark SF#00182227 (Stephanie also filed a Salesforce case: #00182477)

      2. Norm rule synchronization.  Since no NR problems have been reported, we”d like to copy the production rules down to the Premium sandbox (which will require a sandbox renorm/reindex) to get the sandbox rules ready for the next round of testing.  Can we go ahead and get that sandbox renorm/reindex scheduled?  (Lesley can move the NRs at any time - unless a bug in the import/export process crops up…)

        1. This might be part of Monday”s conversation.  It shouldn”t be done too frequently, though should be done before the November update.

        2. No current plans for further production renorm/reindex.

      3. Preliminary discussion of renorm/reindex impact on NRWG work.  We”ll continue to build changes and host testing on the Premium sandbox, in the hopes that we can have a renorm/reindex on production before too much longer.

    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Timing of Primo November Release on Sandbox? (Nov 22, per Keith below)

      2. Set a tentative date for installing on Production (December 20?)

        1. Should be done prior to closures over the holidays.

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

      1. No major updates to report this week. Chen is out of town, so our normal COE call has been pushed to next Wed.

      2. November sandbox testing is still ongoing.

      3. The SWG will be meeting tomorrow to review our punch list and discuss other pressing issues. Our agenda for that call can be found here (it”s pretty similar to the open call agenda below)

        1. Salesforce case management is one issue.

        2. Haven”t evaluated net borrower/lender stats (Rota adjustment) for about 10 months.

  1. Renorm/Reindex(Keith)

  1. CSS Request Form Problem (Keith)

  1. Team time with candidates for Project Manager position (Kelly)

a. Questions specific to Discovery and Delivery

      1. Two finalists are Kate Cabe and Ray Henry

      2. Finalize questions

      3. We need questions that are Discovery/Delivery-related, and not specific enough to give an advantage to a candidate with experience in that particular area.  


  1. Barcode testing update (Keith)

    1. Six new institutions are interested in using this.

  1. Open calls -  (Kelly/Jesse)

    1. Delivery Open Call - Thursday (10/29) - agenda

    2. Instruction Clearinghouse?

    3. Discovery for November -- Primo Assessment? (Keith)

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

  • Primo November release to Sandbox -- 11/22/15 (Keith)

    • Non-PDS Testing

  • Priority Support Issues for November--Soliciting (Keith)

    • Seems to result in more participation on the calls.


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