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2:00 PM, November 3, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery(minutes), Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto,  Kelly  Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom


Tue, Nov 3, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

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United States

+1 (571) 317-3112 Access Code: 202-473-293


  1. Review actions from last meeting: (Everything is done.)

  1. Report on Ex Libris Primo Performance Call (Keith/Lesley/Jennifer)

    1. Install Nimble storage on Production Sunday, November 8, 01:00am (3-4 hours full Primo downtime)? - Yes.  There are no good down times now, but it”s better to do this sooner than later, and this is probably the least overtly evil time.

    2. Call was Monday. Revisiting some of the things covered in site meeting. Still not sure exactly what caused system slowdown. Discussed proposal to split renorm/reindex. Not realistic to hit 48 hour window for full process. To install Nimble storage means full outage on production Primo. Can we benchmark after we do this? - It depends on front end impact of renorm/reindex process.

    3. Testing on premium sandbox.  Would like to run a regular renorm/reindex to test FE impacts.  Can fold in NR changes at the same time.  NR changes to go on PSbox 11/10.  Renorm kickoff 11/11.  FE impact testing 11/12,13 (especially during reindex/hotswapping).  NR change testing/voting 11/16-20.

    4. If significant FE impacts are discovered during renorm/reindex, can put production benchmark renorm/reindex on hold.  If not, could potentially proceed with NR rollout/benchmark renorm/reindex during one of the last two available windows.

      1. interesting note: many other NA sites already have Nimble storage on production

  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Group is working on NR changes for possible Thanksgiving or December 5-6 rollout on production during ‘benchmark’ renorm process.

        1. Scheduling issues: High FE use during both weekends due to final exams and post-holiday papers.  December 5-6 is Hanukkah weekend - will Support be as available as usual for FE problem support if a renorm/reindex is run that weekend?

        2. Al prefers to add a few NR changes as part of this benchmarking

      2. Discussion of Ex Libris information on production ‘tuning’ and Nimble installation, as well as ‘Option A’.

        1. NRWG would strongly prefer to wait on sandbox Option A testing until after testing of next NR changes is complete.  Reasons include the desire to test one major environmental change at a time, as well as the very tight timeline for testing changes before a Thanksgiving or December 5-6 rollout on production.

      3. Changes for next testing cycle:

        1. Definite inclusions: Display of 245 $c, Change to deduplication to prevent CZ records from deduping over NZ records

        2. Tentative inclusions: 700 author/title entry display and search (lateral linking), 856 41 links display, foreign language subject headings display, form/genre terms split from subjects.

    2. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. PRTWG is starting to prepare for the upcoming Primo November Release (to be installed on the sandbox on Nov. 22)

      2. The WG has customized the Primo Release Notes for the Alliance (removing items not relevant to us)

Calendar : https://www.orbiscascade.org/calendar/

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

      1. The SWG met last week and discussed many of the issues that we talked about on the Delivery open call on Thurs.

      2. We have our next COE call scheduled for tomorrow. We will primarily be evaluating the successes/failures of the November release.

        1. Some of the enhancements are working as expected: sticky radio buttons, cancellation email improvements, enhanced search options

        2. Others aren”t: slow response time when opening borrowing/lending queues (I”ve re-added this to the priority issues list), phantom general messages/notes on Tasks list

        3. It”s too early to tell yet about the syncing error fix yet; we will be monitoring this closely and submitting follow-up cases as needed.

        4. Ran into a problem with the “place in queue” enhancement; the WWU sandbox configuration was different from their live environment and was returning different results; identified correct setting and sent out updated instructions earlier this week.

      3. UW error page issue seems fixed, but now UP has no helpful text after the error is encountered.  Stephanie will update the UP case.

  1. Review Priority Support Issues for November (Keith)

  1. Items for November Alliance Newsletter? (Keith)

    1. Upcoming Primo releases

    2. Priority Support process

  1. Summer Meeting Topics Survey (Keith) - survey is out.  Feel free to submit ideas.

  1. Ex Libris D&D Meeting in Seattle in January (Keith)  Several members have been asked if they can attend.  Expect to cover Discovery & Delivery issues.  


  1. Alma Release Debrief (Keith)  Some disappointment with ‘fixes’, but no super-critical widespread problems.

  1. Team time with candidates for Project Manager position (Kelly)

a. Questions specific to Discovery and Delivery

      1. Two finalists are Kate Cabe and Ray Henry

      2. Finalize questions

      3. We need questions that are Discovery/Delivery-related, and not specific enough to give an advantage to a candidate with experience in that particular area.  

      4. Format: GTM.  We”ll take turns asking these questions (same people ask same questions for both meetings).

      5. ACTION: Send Kelly note to say yes or no on final version.  Claim questions you”d like to ask.


  1. Open calls -  (Kelly)

    1. Instruction Clearinghouse?

      1. Needs more centralized effort under Documentation (Cassie).

      2. Past efforts at this have been hard to find, materials not added and/or not kept up to date.

      3. Idea: New list for instruction where this can be done / coordinated?

    2. Discovery for November -- Primo Assessment? (Keith)

    3. Double-check scheduling

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. PTWG report (Lesley)

      1. Survey will go out this week for desired Toolkit contents.

      2. Faculty and staff at all Alliance institutions are encouraged to participate in the survey.

    2. Consortial Analytics (Jesse)

      1. The following is tentatively planned for the Feb. 2016 release:  Anonymization of specific fields for Alliance network Zone Institution Analytics.  This relates only and specifically to the Analytics of the network institution.  There will be no change to the analytics of each individual member institution.  All of the fields in the file "PII Fields - Alliance request for removal option.xlsx" which we received need to be anonymized.  They will be "blank".  This will not be by user, but rather globally 'across the board'.  There will therefore be no way to retrieve or display these fields when accessing 'design analytics' from the network zone institution.

      2. Has anyone taken a look at Primo Analytics yet?

2:00 PM, November 17, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery (absent), Stephanie Michel (minutes), Jennifer Ward, Dena Hutto,  Kelly  Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom


Tue, Nov 17, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (872) 240-3212 Access Code: 371-497-533


  1. Review actions from last meeting: (Everything is done.)

  1. Discuss Primo Premium Sandbox Testing During Re-indexing (Keith)

    1. Reasons for re-norm slowdown and resolution

      1. Same issues as we experienced during the previous renorm/reindex

      2. Key Ex Libris staff were out of the office; ExL response to implement the fix was slow

      3. For any future renorm: we need to plan to do a reboot; Guy (at ExL) plans to do a reboot of production PBO before the next renorm

      4. May need to do more testing in premium sandbox to see if issues are truly fixed

      5. Spreadsheet of Salesforces cases due to reindexing impact - as of today cases are in Tier 1 evaluation; cases are on issues we previously encountered (many related to eShelf)

    2. Move ahead with Production renorm/reindexing December 3?

      1. Could renorm be moved closer to the holiday, due to end user impact, especially close to the research-intensive end of the term

      2. Also need Lesley’s feedback

      3. Keith reports that “Force dedup” setting at the first, renorm stage of the process may be causing the issue; ExL is investigating, Al will follow up.

  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley-absent)

    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Upcoming Primo November Release (to be installed on the sandbox on Nov. 22)

      2. Deadline for feedback from Alliance libraries:  Wed., Dec. 9

      3. Working group will have a go/no go recommendation for the Discovery & Delivery Team in time for our Dec. 15 meeting

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse) - extension?

      1. Timeline for this process:

  1. Calendar current shows that this initiative would end in October, with a question mark for November

  2. Does this timeline need to be formally extended with Ex Libris?

  3. Responsiveness from Ex Libris has been lacking

      1. Priority Issues update

        1. Summit request form fails if the title contains a quotation mark - encouraged to manage this through COE initiative instead. Target date: Q3 2016

          1. Title comes through as either truncated or blank

          2. Target dates are soft estimates according to Brian Noone (unless they say: “release pending”)

          3. If it says “defect will be fixed…” Ex Libris doesn’t know if there truly is a defect or if there will be a fix; wording is unclear

          4. About 10,000 titles @UW are affected by this issue. Not sure how many records alliance-wide.

          5. If users are using the Summit scope than the Summit locate process can likely find the item despite the blank title; requests from the WorldCat scope would be more problematic.  Problem primarily affects staff when pulling titles and users when viewing requests in My Account

          6. Not sure if other special characters might also be problematic (Jesse tested titles with parentheses, which seemed to be ok)

        2. Cancel Request in My Account in Primo results in error message for Summit requests - strange UW link appears to be fixed now (Stephanie? - yes, UW wording is gone), but Summit “unrecoverable problem” message persists - ExL says there’s a fix coming in December that should resolve this issue. (Stephanie adds: my case #00183433, where I also asked about customizing the message that appears to make it user-friendly, has been forwarded to the Tier 2 Alma Support team)

          1. UW message was removed, but we didn’t receive an explanation about why it was occurring

          2. Jesse’s experience: after a user selects “Cancel” the process lingers for about 30 seconds, then gives an error.  But the request is actually cancelled (visible if the screen is refreshed)

          3. Lori and Jennifer have cases about a similar issue where the request with the error message does not disappear from the user’s account

        3. Poor response time when opening borrowing request queue in Alma - mainly affecting UW and UO; the November release only addressed some minor indexing problems, the “real” fix should be coming in December. We are still trying to get more information. Moshe has characterized this as a “major reconstruct.” I’m not sure if that bodes well, especially since this isn’t something we can test in the sandbox beforehand.

          1. Response times: UW - up to 6 minutes to open the queue; UO: 3 minutes

          2. Description of the fix as a “major reconstruct” is concerning; we can’t test in the sandbox because the sandbox doesn’t have the same volume of Summit requests

          3. Ex Libris assures us that this will be fixed in December, but we don’t want to get people’s hopes up; Jesse is requesting more details

          4. Institutions with a high volume of requests that have seen impacts: UW: 30,000 requests; WWU: 10,000 requests, w/ a 30 second delay

        4. Pick from Shelf Does Not Show Local Holds - only impacting three libraries that we know about (UPUGS, CHEM & EOU); ExL has not determined the cause yet, nor do they know why it’s only impacting these three libraries. Target date: March 2016.

          1. Uncertain if other libraries might have encountered similar issues

          2. Not sure why this isn’t receiving a high level of attention by Ex Libris; other similar cases (including one at WWU) were resolved quickly as high priority cases

        5. Lending requests are getting stuck and can't be checked in by the owning library under certain circumstances - I posted a workaround for this problem to the lists on 11/6;. ExL has been unable diagnose the source of the problem (I think it involves a missed shipping step in the lending process). Target date: Q3 2016.

          1. Feedback Jesse received indicates that fix seems to have resolved most issues

        6. Additional info from today’s meeting:

          1. When Ex Libris updates a case to “closing” you have a two-week window to respond before case is closed

          2. You can add a comment requesting that case be kept open, but you have to take action or case will be closed.

          3. If a case is closed, you can open a new case and reference previous case

          4. Jennifer suggests: If going to be away for more than two-weeks, add additional users to open cases so they can monitor cases (and keep them open) during absence

          5. Discussed using https communications by default; some institutions are getting pressure to implement this; Ex Libris didn’t seem to understand request.  May need to pursue for Primo 5 (talk with Miri in January?).  Jennifer can bring up during Product Working Group call with Miri next week.

      2. Summit Circulating Materials form

        1. Sent to D&D reps last week; received responses from about half of them; I will send out a reminder later today; Submission deadline is Friday.

          1. Tried to keep it simple

          2. Jesse will send out a reminder

          3. Goal: staff processing Summit requests can quickly check to see if a particular institution lends certain types of materials.  Info might also be useful for reference interactions.

        2. Next step will be to evaluate the data and summarize the results in a format that can be shared on the Alliance website.

  1. Primo Assessment Joint WG (Kelly)

    1. Call this morning with Primo Assessment Joint Working Group

    2. Charge: https://www.orbiscascade.org/primo-assessment-joint-working-group

    3. Timeline - in February, will start testing to see which known issues with Primo are being addressed by Primo 5   

    4. Sources for known issues: Priority Support Issues, Primo enhancements voted on by the Alliance, and known customizations


  1. Discovery for November -- Primo Assessment? (Keith)

    1. Discuss known issues: e.g. Priority Support, ask participants for known issues

      1. Priority issues don’t have to be high-level cases; they can be cases that aren’t getting a response, even if they may be local issues

    2. Norm rules update

    3. Primo release testing update

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. Review protocols for submitting Program Manager candidate feedback

      1. Can send feedback directly to John or Kelly rather than put candidate names on Google Doc

      2. Deadline: Thursday preferred; Friday morning at the very latest

    2. Question: When is the next Delivery Open Call? (Jesse)

      1. Rescheduling call due to Thanksgiving: move to Thursday, December 3? Kelly and Jesse will confer after the meeting.

    3. Summer meeting session about General Electronic Services and Display Logic:

      1. Cassie Schmitt is scheduling an online session in January about this topic (tentatively January 10)

    4. Summer Meeting topics of interest survey:

      1. We should fill out the survey as individuals; not on behalf of the team

2:00 PM, November 24, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward(minutes), Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom


Tue, Nov 24, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

    Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


    You can also dial in using your phone.

    United States +1 (571) 317-3122

    Access Code: 231-498-941


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

    1. Delivery open calls: 12/10 and 01/07

    2. Discovery open call November 30th. Agenda:  

      1. Discuss known issues: e.g. Priority Support, ask participants for known issues

Priority issues don’t have to be high-level cases; they can be cases that aren’t getting a response, even if they may be local issues (Keith/Jesse/Jennifer)

      1. Norm rules update (Lesley)

      2. Primo release testing update (Stephanie)

      3. Open topics/QnA

    1. Decision: cancel Dec 28 Open Call.

    2. January open call (late January): Primo 5 demo


  1. Collaborative Workforce Survey

  1. inventory_spreadsheet and instructions.

    1. will figure out plan for working on this at next week’s meeting.

    2. trying to figure out how much time people spend on Alliance-level work.

    3. ACTION: KELLY to put CW Model Tier document in google drive space



    1. ACTION: KELLY to seek clarity from Elaine about whether they want averages, what time period, etc. Also: how do things like search committees

    2. ACTION: ALL - think about how much time we spend on various areas, then discuss next week. KELLY will create a duplicate that we can fill out.

    3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HsGu0-NTm1ipJ3p-7YqkLneJcYLO1XQvnQN0VL7rzkY/edit#gid=0&vpid=A3

  1. Liaison: Elaine Hirsch

  1. Discuss Primo Premium Sandbox Testing During Re-indexing (Keith)

    1. Move ahead with Production renorm/reindexing December 3?

      1. Alon: eshelf problems happens during renorm/reindexing phase

      2. Probably want to do it in sandbox first to make sure eshelf issues are resolved.

      3. Also, concern about renorm/reindex testing given that we have the November release on sandbox

      4. NRWG wants a date when they can run a renorm/reindex. Can put changes into place, but not deploy

      5. renorm/reindex on sandbox Monday, December 14 (after Nov release testing concludes)

      6. renorm/reindex on production December 28+?

        1. check dates w/ Al and ExL re: staffing. then send message to dd-reps to confirm whether this will work

    2. Force DEDUP issue

      1. Having taken it off renorm process that we shouldn’t see the problems w/ eshelf issues.


  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. comment about possible testing fatigue

      2. NR testing feedback and go/no-go voting

        1. Go:

          1. 245$c, 508, 511 in Attribution field

          2. 351, 504, 524, 555 in Description field and indexed for search

          3. 856 link separation using local linking fields

          4. NLM Classification facet

          5. eNewspapers in A-Z list (add opt-out for OHSU)

            1. institutions can opt out at any time

        2. No-go: (these need further build work and re-testing)

          1. Analytic added entries in laterally-linked field (pending rebuild and retest)

          2. Non-analytic added entries in laterally-linked field (pending rebuild and retest)

          3. CZ over NZ deduping (pending rebuild and retest)

      3. Lesley met with TSWG’s Local Fields Review Group yesterday to share NR information with them in support of their work toward establishing Alliance-wide expectations for display, searchability, and clickability of local fields in the Primo FE.

      4. Reboot Primo for new setting to take effect--when?

        1. Background: Lateral linking not functional in production, due to an installation-level setting that requires FE server restart.  Schedule in conjunction with November release install tentatively planned for Dec. 20th

    2. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Primo November Release Testing is underway

        1. Working group is actively testing highlights from November release

        2. Two go votes have been received so far

      2. Question about February and future releases: since future releases will include Primo 5 functionality, does that mean that releases after November will be sandbox only (with no installation on production?)

        1. jennifer: it’s my understanding that new and old Primo UIs can be run in parallel, so you don’t have to choose between getting the upgrade and getting the new UI.

        2. Others confirmed that this should be accurate; there should still be new features to install to production in February and future releases

      3. Observation: several questions about about sandbox being out of sync with production

        1. Stephanie has received several questions recently about the sandbox being out-of-sync with changes made in the production environment

        2. ACTION:  KELLY will add this as a topic to the Open Discovery call

        3. ACTION: LESLEY will investigate and report back whether options to sync sandbox and production environments can be used at the institution level

      4. Observation: concern about testing fatigue

        1. As mentioned previously on this call, we are concerned about the impact of testing on Alliance libraries.  This can be a significant time commitment, and may reduce participation of libraries in testing

        2. Kelly suggested passing on this concern to Council so that deans are aware of the impact on their librarians

        3. Similarly: more libraries are posting job ads for Primo administrators, recognizing the need for someone whose time is devoted in this area

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse) - December release fixes

      1. Fix for cancellation syncing errors  - status errors and Primo message

      2. Summit requests getting placed incorrectly when you have a mix of Summit-allowable and non-Summit allowable locations - previously the “move request” prompt didn’t filter out items that were non-Summit requestable

      3. Secondary fix to improve poor response rates when opening borrowing queue - November “fix” fixed, ExL added a new index which enables the system  to fetch the task list more quickly; in December they are making changes to the SQL queries themselves which should result in even quicker response.

        1. UW - 6 minutes downs to 52 seconds

        2. UO - 3 minutes down to 30 seconds

        3. WWU - 35 seconds down to 7 seconds

      4. Possible candidate for next P.I. call?: Fulfillment config affecting loan rules for expired patrons - last updated on 3/9, still “under construction” in Alma

ALL: I NEED TO GET TO ANOTHER MEETING. PLEASE ADD TO NOTES AS NEEDED. Thanks, and happy thanksgiving, everyone! --Jennifer

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. Lori (OSU) Hoping to avoid Alma down time for the weekend of Dec. 5-6.  We’re in extended hours for dead weekend and will be open until 3am each day of the weekend.  System down will make havoc during this hugely busy time….  Any possibility?  I know they usually apply the hot fix the week after the system update.

    2. In the past: no, no flexibility on Alma updates as they’re applied for everyone, not just the Alliance. --jennifer

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