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2:00 PM, December 1, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto(minutes),  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom, Ray Henry


D&D Team Tue, Dec 15, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

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United States +1 (872) 240-3212

Access Code: 403-131-501


  1. Review actions from last meeting: All action items done from last week.


  1. Collaborative Workforce Survey

    1. Duplicate spreadsheet that we can fill out.: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HsGu0-NTm1ipJ3p-7YqkLneJcYLO1XQvnQN0VL7rzkY/edit#gid=0&vpid=A3

  1. Instructions.

  2. CW Model Tier document in google drive space



    1. Clarity from liaison (Elaine Hirsch) about whether they want averages, what time period, etc. Also: how do things like search committees:

I think noting total hours per quarter for cyclical work should be fine, but I'll confirm after tomorrow's CWT afternoon meeting. ‘

Working on spreadsheet as a group in today”s meeting. Discussed how previous entries apply to ‘team participation,’ etc. as examples.  Discussed categories of activities for our team.  Does rep. work count?

  1. Renorm/Re-indexing (Keith)

We should be good to go for Premium Sandbox schedule week of 12/14 and production week of 12/28.  ExL has been trying to close cases but for many we need to wait to see effect of renorm/reindex. Feedback on more general issues from ExL.

Question regarding renorm/reindex on 12/28 from Lesley: Will that go forward if during premium sandbox test on 14th problems are discovered?  Answer: that”s up to us!  2nd question from Lesley: Will Alliance staffing levels at member institutions be sufficient during week of 12/28 to monitor testing?  Answer: if that”s a concern, that”s not a good week for testing.  We have not done anything about making sure key staff are there.  Not sure whether there is a better time, however.  Question from Lori H.: Told by ExL that renorm/reindex is a process they should not be running on a regular basis (!).

[from listserv: Quote from Radka's ticket: "It is important to remember that renorm and re-index processes are not common jobs to execute frequently and this eShelf issue could be one of the side effects. I do not believe there is a reason in these cases to prevent running the process on production. These are minor issues and we are trying to reduce the scope of affected records by disable the Force Dedup flag. " -- Matt Warnock, Support Analyst]

    Clarification from Lesley: better to run during a long weekend.  General displeasure with response; ExL doesn”t want us to use the tools that we have been given?  ExL needs to quantify, better describe ‘side effects’ of processes. Q from Ray: what would be side effects of turning off deduping? Kelly: is this related to FRBR, and if so, will we run into problems using FRBR in the future? Ray & Lesley: they are not related; deduping is done only on the OCLC number. Processes run separately, on different pipes. Lesley: WWU decided to turn off FRBR long ago.  Impact separate from e-shelf issue.  Keith will pass along this issue, get clarification from ‘higher up in the chain’ from ExL.


  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Discussion of ‘no-go’ rebuild and retest.  We”re going to try to get the no-go rules rebuilt in time for the Premium sandbox renorm/reindex on December 14th.  This will support testing of these rule changes Alliance-wide.  We could possibly test and be ready to move approved rules to Production by December 28th, but it may be best to wait and offer a testing window after the release/renorm/reindex/holiday hubub has died down.

      2. Group project identified (potential Spring timeline) to tackle multiple requests regarding title fields (24x”s:  how fields are labelled, etc.)  Sort out, then make titles focus of a testing cycle.

      3. Ongoing initial punchlist review.  Only two un-reviewed requests remain.  All others have been discussed, assigned a status, and prioritized.

      4. Question about ExL-initiated ‘semiannual’ reindexing.  Is this something that happens on a regular, predictable basis, as ‘semiannual’ implies?  How does that impact Alliance institutions? Do we need to monitor for front-end effects?  Line 42, Item 41 in issues spreadsheet, ‘Integrations with Primo.’   Keith will see what he can find out.

    2. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Testing of the Primo November Release is ongoing

      2. 4 ‘Go’ votes; no ‘No Go’ votes yet.

      3. Opened 2 Salesforce cases (Primo Analytics link missing in premium sandbox; indicator of cloud environment missing from PBO login page); asked Rose to open a case about an issue she reported where the new max_renew_date parameter is not appearing in Loan Details Display mapping table (not at Reed; does appear at UP). Lesley will submit a case about issues with normalization rules test record load tool in the November release

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

      1. Still reviewing December release notes/resolved issues list to ensure the proposed fixes match our COE expectations (I already checked with Moshe about one of them and it turns out the description was incorrect, not the

intended fix.)

      1. Summit Circulating Materials - All the libraries have submitted their surveys; next steps?  How to visualize?  Make it publicly available?  Do we have information like this on the Alliance web site now?  Biggest problem for libraries is that they assume an item is available and don”t realize the mistake until the request fails.  So this could be a tool for troubleshooting.  Simplified version of previous (Innovative-era) i-type tables.  Support for keeping it simple, making this chart available in some version close to this.  Ray: make it more dashboardy?  Nice start -- kudos!

      2. C&RSWG Support Incidents - these are some of the Alliance-level cases (punchlist items) that the C&RSWG was pursuing prior to being absorbed into D&D. Should we be following up on these? Are there other lists like this floating out there? I”ve already added one of these cases to our December Priority Issues spreadsheet (at Bill Kelm”s

request).  Don”t want to let these issues slip between the cracks. OTOH, some of these issues may have been addressed in the new team structure.  Are there other lists of Alliance-wide cases that may have gotten lost in the new team structure?  Lori would love to work through the C&RSWG list with Jesse.

Consortial Analytics - Wade Guidry has come up with a new method to handling rolling dates. Here is his draft document. He”s approaching it from a systems standpoint, but it could also have implications for D&D reports. It might make it easier to distinguish between calendar year and fiscal year reporting.  Dashboard feature enables user to choose reporting period.  Test category is ejournals.  Might have really good possibilities going forward. Consortial Analytics has reps from all the major teams.  Shortcoming: many of us need to address local analytics needs and focus has been on consortial level instead.  Discussion about how to anonymize patron information, other private info. so that anyone can run reports.  At this point, only Alliance staff can run consortial-level reports.


  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    1. Questions about the tentative production renorm on December 28th (Lesley):

      1. Will the renorm go forward if FE impacts of reindexing are still evident during the PSbox renorm/reindex on December 14th? - TBD!

      2. Will Alliance staffing levels during the week of the 28th be sufficient to conduct testing / handle FE problems if they arise? - No determination made yet - if folks are around, great, if not, we hope that the results of the PSbox testing will be borne out in the production process.

    2. Questions about Ex Libris ‘semi-annual’ reindexing (from December Alma fix list, item 41 under ‘Integrations with Primo’) (Lesley):

      1. Does this Ex Libris-initiated reindexing have the same front end impacts as the Alliance-initiated reindex jobs have?  Do we need to monitor this one?

      2. Can we get a firm date from Ex Libris for this?  It would be useful for:

        1. scheduling a renorm in advance would save us the trouble of running a local reindexing process. (for future norm rule rollouts)

        2. monitoring front end impacts.

    3. Priority Issues - deadline for December list is tomorrow (12/2) at 5pm.

    4. Added a case [188889] for customizable bulk deletion of notifications/attachments from patron records.  Informed ‘There is a plan on the long term roadmap to enable purge of email attachments, based on rules.I will ask the Alma Support Tier 2 team to notify the development team of your interest. I should add that it is very important for us also to hear from you via NERS/ELUNA. Attached to the Articles tab of this case is an FAQ about this process.’  To me this sounds like they want it on next year”s NERS list.  But I don”t think we can wait that long for patron privacy and anonymization….. suggestions?  Link to doc in prep: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZjcPsE0YfoJe6fbFnWYinmOIOLr_vX3Q-x3fdmDC7h4/edit?usp=sharing

2:00 PM, December 8, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild (minutes), Lori Hilterbrand, Keith Folsom, Ray Henry, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Michele Burke


D&D Team

Tue, Dec 8, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (626) 425-3121

Access Code: 703-804-645


  1. Review actions from last meeting:.

    1. Collaborative Workforce Survey - Kelly submitted what was done last week.  Will be updating later today.  Haven’t gotten any feedback.

    1. Summit Circulating Materials - Where to post?

      1. Here is one possible dashboard option that Ray forwarded to me. Ray and Jesse will work on and then work with Elizabeth to identify places on Alliance webpage - Circ. contact list, member policies, etc.  

  1. Primo Assessment Joint Working Group (Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Michele Burke)

    1. Taking comments on Primo issues list, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10N9uyrHvkNDvyWjZbK_P186zlgFj-0OuwYt8ImnRox0/edit?usp=sharing

    2. Primo 5 - Does it solve our problems? In Feb. after seeing hopefully be able to make a recommendation about adopting. Working with Toolkit WG who is looking at customizations. Spreadsheet is list of what is wrong gleaned from a variety of sources.

    3. Another list of enhancements which are desires. Involves usability testing. Direct user testing with multiple user groups.Survey going out to Reps getting feedback from reference and instruction on some frustrations with user experience.

    4. Michele and Jodi will excuse themselves after this

  1. Renorm/Re-indexing (Keith)

    1. Starts 1:00am, December 14. Stephanie is anticipating a go.

    2. Testing during re-indexing. Testing of eshelf. Try some of things we have experienced before (see spreadsheet of past issues). See if dedup solved. Then if okay move with 20th of Dec.

  1. Sandbox Testing Group (Keith/Lesley)

  1. Board of Directors Meeting Feb. 11-12 (Kelly)

    1. February 5: Deadline for delivering recommended team goals for FY17.  Each team should prepare a concise report summarizing the status of FY16 goals and recommending goals for FY17.

    2. Kelly will work with WG Chairs, Program Manager, Council Liaison and then present to group for review/edits/discussion. January 18?

    3. Please send me preliminary ideas. Annual goals from this year: https://www.orbiscascade.org/discovery-delivery-team/

  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Discussion of Primo November Release norm rule changes

        1. Change to search:creationdate field

          1. Will be ready for testing on the premium sandbox after the renorm/reindex on 12/14.

        2. Changes to support Collection Discovery in Primo (Feb 2016 completion)

          1. Alma/Primo collection support needs re-evaluation and experimentation before we can decide what to do with these new and updated fields/rules.

      2. Rebuild/retest of several changes underway in sandboxes.

        1. “No-go” changes from November testing cycle will be ready for re-testing on the premium sandbox following the renorm/reindex on the 14th.

    1. Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

      1. Deadline for submitting go/no go vote and feedback is Wed. 12/9 5pm

      2. 13 go votes so far

      3. No major issues yet; most feedback about issues with indicator when search has been expanded due to a small number of results

      4. I will bring the WG’s go/no go recommendation to the next D&D meeting for our consideration

    1. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

      1. Our next COE call with Chen & Moshe is scheduled for tomorrow (12/9)

      2. We will be reviewing the fixes that went in with the December release

        1. We are seeing early improvements with how cancellations are managed: we no longer see the error message in Primo, although the UW login link

error from November has resurfaced.

          1. Latest update from ExL about this (as of 1:20pm today): “we have found an error in the logs and I have other teams involved to figure out whether this issue is happening in Primo or Alma. I

will keep you updated on the status as I find out.”

Update on Stephanie’s related case (00183433, as of 12:01 today): “I am looking into this issue and will update you as progress is made.” (Troy Gnat)

        1. We’re seeing improved response time in our borrowing request queues

(UW - 19 seconds, UO - 12 seconds).

        1. There was another fix that was supposed to address how Summit holds are placed when a library owns a mix of circulating and non-circulating copies; I tested this with UW in the sandbox last week and it seemed to be working well there, but we haven’t seen enough activity to assess it in

the live environment yet.

      1. A new topic of conversation: batch deleting completed borrowing/lending requests. As it stands now you can only delete twenty requests at a time. Deleting request may make it difficult to troubleshoot problem requests after they are gone, and it could also complicate consortial reporting in analytics, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have ExL start thinking about it now. (cf. Lori raised a related point about deleting attachment emails from patron accounts on an earlier

list post a couple weeks ago - this is case 00188889 and is in Tier 2 Analysis, but they are recommending a NERS request instead).

      1. Priority Issues update: We only have one fulfillment case on the December list. It deals with how due dates are managed for soon-to-be expiring patrons. This functionality has been “Under Construction” since March, although ExL assured

us then that a fix was still on their roadmap. Updates will be forthcoming.

      1. Analytics update: We had another call with Yoel last week. We spent the majority of time talking about anonymizing patron data in the NZ. ExL says that Lending request notes cannot be anonymized due to data structure. This note is used for generating paging slips and includes the patron’s name, user ID, and pickup location. Alliance expressed serious concerns about not masking this data. ExL

will continue looking for a solution.

      1. Delivery Open Call on Thursday (12/10) at 11am - agenda will be posted by end of today

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

2:00 PM, December 15, 2015

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Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Stephanie Michel, Jennifer Ward,  Dena Hutto,  Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Lori Hilterbrand (minutes), Keith Folsom, Ray Henry


Tue, Dec 15, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Time

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (872) 240-3212

Access Code: 403-131-501


  1. Review actions from last meeting:.

    1. Assessment--move coming

    2. Goals

  1. Renorm/Re-indexing (Keith)

    1. Starts 1:00am, December 14.

    2. Everything is on schedule (21.5 hours); we”re into the re-indexing phase now; please continue your sandbox testing; still seeing problems with select e-journals and e-books; Keith will send out another update once the re-index completes (late Thursday?)

  1. WG updates    

    1. Norm Rules (Lesley)

      1. Annual goals discussion - proposed change to specifically incorporate changes introduced in quarterly releases:

        1. Normalization Rules gathering and prioritization of issues; understanding, implementing, and documenting normalization rule changes; communication with institutional staff about changes; review and selective testing / implementation of normalization rule changes made quarterly by Ex Libris.

      2. New methodology proposed for NRWG rule changes: ‘section’ focus. A proposal  for this change has been reviewed by the NRWG, and is ready for D&DT review.

        1. NRWG would focus on a ‘section’ (MARC and/or PNX-based) of rules during a 2-3 month period.

        2. NRWG would partner with TSWG to hold interest meetings and gather feedback to form a picture of Alliance needs/wants for fields in this section.

        3. NRWG would review existing rules and identify opportunities for cleanup/streamlining in the section.

        4. The current build/test/implementation cycle would remain the same, but since changes would be related, testing would be more focused.

        5. High-priority requests and release-introduced changes would be incorporated into each cycle, even if they are outside of the defined section.

(New methodology targeted for Spring, take up at January 5 team meeting)

     b.    Primo Release Testing (Stephanie)

  • We received 23 ‘go’ votes and 0 ‘no go’ votes

  • Working Group recommends a ‘go’ vote for installing the release to production

  • Full Text expansion was problematic, but not a show-stopper

  • Tentative installation date was December 20 - confirm with Ex Libris? Keith will email XL, and Stephanie will email all with the announcement of pending installation

     c. Summit 3 COE (Jesse)

  • We”re still working with Ex Libris to document the fallout from the December release, most notably some secondary problems involving Summit cancellations.  (grrrr!!!) I submitted four separate cases last week and reported out about this briefly on the delivery open call. Two of the problems may have already been resolved by the hotfix that went in over the weekend. Testing is still ongoing. I”ll

send out another update to the lists once we”ve fully assessed the current state

of affairs.

Hot fixes not well documented - we don”t know what went wrong or if/when it”s been fixed.  There”s not a list of what is included in the hot fix prior to installation and it is problematic on our end.  Can”t re-test to see if it actually worked and etc.

Keith will connect with Al about improving hot fix content communication.

Cancellations deleting all information from the request, so can”t complete the workflow on the affected items.  

  • Turner Masland (PSU): ‘I was hoping to start a conversation about creating a forum for the opportunity to talk about delivery and fulfillment from a policy perspective rather than a systems perspective. The delivery calls are always very useful, but sometimes they feel overly technical. It would be nice to have the opportunity to talk about policies surrounding current and new services as well. Perhaps these email lists might be the best place for that, but I am curious if others out there would also appreciate another venue for these types of


    • What is the best venue for policy discussions? I always encourage people to add topics to the agenda, but they rarely do. It”s hard to balance policy discussions with the ongoing need for training and documentation. What is the best course of action here?

    • Google groups keeps an archive of all the group lists. So history is available. All list members can access it by changing their Google groups view to Orbis-Cascade.  Screencast to let people know?  Or summer meeting?  Ray? Cassie is working on blogging features, but might be able to help with this? Forum - would need moderation but offers a good layout and browsability.  Commitment to maintenance would be necessary.

  1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

Make decisions by email, norm rules going to production after th 12/20 install, January release is 1/9…. No meeting on the 22nd, we”ll see where we are on the 29th.  Coordinate renorm/reindex with Al for the 28th.  Keith will send credentials to Kelly for the next couple meetings.

Keith is DONE!! (with us, at least).  Issues to John and Ray (January 25th start). Huge thanks to Keith for all the work he has done stepping in and helping with so many things.

Kelly will be out on Dec, 22nd.

Lori out 22nd and 29th but can attend if necessary….

Stephanie could be available on the 22nd, but will be out on the 29th and Jan 5

Jesse out 22nd and 29th…

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