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Provides advice and feedback to the Discovery & Delivery Program Manager, who serves in an ex officio capacity on the team.

The Discovery and Delivery Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development and use of discovery and delivery systems and services. As experts for the consortium, the team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses discovery and delivery systems and interfaces to achieve improved services.

The Team:

Ensures that our patrons are able to discover all items locally as well as consortially in a stable and streamlined fashion through:

  • Researching, implementing, and documenting Primo Back Office configuration, including normalization rules.
  • Supporting Alma interoperability with discovery.
  • Coordinating quarterly Primo release testing.

Ensures that Summit/fulfillment processing is streamlined and stable, to support improved user and staff experiences through:

  • Documenting all procedural workflows and maintaining their accuracy, including creating and maintaining online training manuals and videos.
  • Supporting ongoing development of consortial resource sharing and fulfillment functionality.
  • Coordinating monthly Alma release testing in resource sharing and fulfillment.

FY17 Goals

Goal 1: Improve Discovery and Delivery Team and Working Group processes and increase collaborative efforts.

  • Develop a new process for normalization rules changes to provide a better workflow, increase collaboration with other Alliance Teams and Working Groups, and have a regular, holistic, comprehensive review of existing rules.
  • Improve discovery- and delivery-related Salesforce case management by coordinating with the Systems Team and the program managers to better track cases.
  • Collaborate with the Primo Assessment Joint Working Group to develop an assessment plan pre-implementation for the new Primo UI.
  • Create a central repository of best practices, policies, and other documentation.

Goal 2: Improve delivery/fulfillment services.

  • Work with Ex Libris to resolve Summit 3 COE outstanding issues and wrap up the Summit COE initiative.
  • Review and revise (as needed) the Summit rota and re-establish a regular review and revision cycle with the Discovery and Delivery program manager.
Goal 3: Improve discovery services.
  • Support improved Primo usability through user testing.

The Discovery & Delivery Team is the most recent incarnation of committees that have supported the Shared ILS migration in the areas of Discovery, Fulfillment, and Resource Sharing.

The D&D Team absorbed the duties and responsibilities of these SILS implementation groups:

  • Discovery Working Group (DWG)
  • Norm Rules Working Group (NRWG)
  • Primo Back Office Administrators (PBO Admins)
  • Circulation Working Group (CWG)
  • Summit Planning and Operations Team (SPOT)
  • Summit Borrowing Committee (SBC)
  • Summit Catalog Committee (SCC)
  • Summit Migration Implementation Team (I-Team)
  • Additional task forces and specialized working groups

In particular, note that when existing groups  completed their work, the D&D Team assumed a role in implementing new features and maintaining documentation/ training materials for all aspects of discovery and delivery.