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May 26, 2015 at 2pm

Participants :  

Megan Drake, Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery (minutes), Mindy Muzatko, Stephanie Michel, Anya Arnold, Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild


    1. Review actions from last meeting:

      1. Anya has sent info on May 22 config deadline for barcode identifiers in Summit

      2. More discussion on Summit COE list

    2. Primo 5 Beta Testing update (Anya)

      1. Anya has contacted Shlomi about Primo 5 Beta testing, no response yet.  Anya will bring up the issue at tomorrow”s COE meeting.

    3. Primo 4.10 Testing update (Anya) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YQMtv7MbBcqn51XmsQ7Oy4hd8dY27eGGnPCHBNQU2vM/edit#gid=0

      1. Anya sent out reminder about testing to Announce list.

      2. 9 issues reported so far by testing institutions; are any of them deal-breakers?  Need to give go/no-go to Ex Libris by tomorrow.

      3. Note: A ‘Deal breaker’ is a problem that has a significant negative impact on search results, or that causes a significant degredation of existing functionality.

        1. Language codes in PCI scopes (ser, hrv, spr, sme, etc)

          1. Not a deal breaker.

        2. ‘In the title’ advanced search returns records with terms not in title, but in descriptions.

          1. Not a deal breaker.

        3. Known title search with less relevant results in Primo 4.10

          1. possibly due to boosting and ranking settings being different in sandbox and production environments.  Check settings to eliminate this possibility.

          2. Look into this - follow up on case #152740 with Ex Libris, but probably not a deal breaker.

        4. Click on peer-reviewed (328) after advanced search leads to 0 results.

          1. Problem on production and sandbox - so not a  Primo 4.10 issue.

          2. Testing shows different behavior on different production environments OSU and UP have this problem, but others do not.

          3. Probably not a deal breaker.

        5. Copying and pasting Alma A-Z link takes user to different view.

          1. Carryover issue, needs resolution, but Not a deal breaker.

        6. Following a permalink sometimes results in incorrect availability status.

          1. Another carryover issue - not fixed, but Not a deal breaker.

        7. Highlight for Chinese searches in non-latin characters are still not being highlighted.

          1. Another carryover issue - Not a deal breaker.

        8. Duplicate publishers exported in EasyBib export and RefWorks.

          1. The issue is citation-specific - should it be a deal breaker?

          2. Not a deal breaker.

        9. Cannot sort by status in list of requests (My Account)

          1. Carryover issue - Not a deal breaker.

      4. Anya will send out deadline of Noon tomorrow for Primo 4.10 testing survey - institutions have had enough time for testing.  We need to get production and sandbox on same Primo version so that Ex Libris can test the new Nimble structure that will (hopefully) result in shorter renorm/reindex turnover times.

    4. Barcode as unique Identifier configuration( Anya)

      1. Go-live on June 1st.

      2. Network-level configuration did not take as expected - Chen filed a case and there will be follow-up.

    5. May release fixes / COE SUmmit 3 update (Jesse)


    1. Incremental fixes have been fixing some things in unexpected ways.

    2. Big fix is due in July that should fix several of the SPOT outstanding issues.

    3. Jesse will continue to update the spreadsheet as progress is made on the fixes.

    1. Ad Hoc Working Groups (Megan)

      1. NRWG (Chair, Lesley) ; member volunteers: Kelly McGrath, Anya Arnold

        1. Hibernate until early July due to chair”s leave time and hope to ‘drum up’ interest with NR session at Summer Meeting.

      2. Summit 3 COE (Chair, Jesse) ; member volunteers:  Kate Cabe, Dawn LoweWincentsen (OIT), David Ketchum (UO), Bill Kelm (WU), Anya Arnold

      3. Primo Release Testing (Chair, Stephanie Michel) ; member volunteers: Bill Kelm, Michelle DeSilva, Megan Drake

      4. June 8th deadline for volunteers

    2. Renorm/Reindex window survey (Megan)

      1. Doodle Poll is here - http://doodle.com/ys64cv48vskcmvg9  ready to go out?

      2. Megan will rename poll to ‘Renorm/Reindex Advance Planning’ to avoid confusion about availability/unavailability.

      3. Megan will send out request for input this week, with June 5 deadline for submission.

    3. Discovery / Delivery Open Calls next week (Megan)

      1. Discovery:  Primo 4.10 update / institutional issues & open discussion

        1. Meetings will have main issue plus open agenda for institutional issues and discussion - if the agenda looks light, Megan and/or Anya will add topics of interest

      2. Delivery:  Summit 3 COE update (Jesse)  / June Release (Anya/Megan) / institutional issues & open discussion

    4. COE Consortial Analytics (Jesse)

      1. Our first meeting is scheduled for June 1st and Kathi has already given us some homework questions to think about:

        1. Review Alma Analytics to get a sense of available metrics.

        2. What do we want to achieve in this initiative? How will we know when it is complete?

        3. Consider what data needs the Alliance (as a whole) has. What are their broad categories?

      2. Heidi and Anya put together a helpful document in February that addresses most of our Summit reporting needs, but we may need to broaden this in light of the expanded score of our D&D group: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FSAP7pcBXdI1YSFBbQ81yuHUv2W1weE6oj-BYqDxPlA/edit and SPOT put together this : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KUY4kNBmG5SjbmngyVUx7p2MjnvL5IWcYpq5oWoQtyM/edit

      3. Jesse will send out document for feedback from known ‘power users’ of Analytics in various areas.

    1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

      1. Future of NRE? [Jesse]

        1. Anya writing separation letter, backing up information (Jasper backed up to current date).  June 1 is shutoff date.

        2. In theory, anything still in NRE will be AAR items once local cleanup is done.

    If time allows:

    1. ‘DidYouMean’ Index updating (Megan)

    [bumped to later meeting]

      1. Salesforce Case #135607 references making the changes to remove potentially offensive terms on the Installation level, which applies to all Alliance institutions.

      2. ExL suggested an option to UW in case #00088988 which gives more control to institutions.  

      3. Does D&D want to create a method for Alliance-wide maintenance of the DidYouMean Index or investigate the UW method for institutional maintenance?

    1. D&D Face to Face at Summer Meeting

    2. Review of charge:

    Action Items:

    AA: Anya will bring up Primo 5 Beta testing at Wednesday”s Summit/COE meeting.

    AA: Anya will send out one last request for testing of Primo 4.10 with deadline of Noon Wednesday, May 29.

    JT: Jesse will continue to keep the Summit3/COE spreadsheet up to date as progress is made by Ex Libris on outstanding issues.

    MD: Megan will update and send out the Doodle poll on renorm/reindex times, with a submission deadline of June 5th.

    JT: Jesse will send out query to frequent Analytics users for input on desired Consortial analytics reports.

May 19, 2015 at 2pm


Megan Drake, Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter (minutes), Lesley Lowery, Mindy Muzatko, Stephanie Michel, Anya Arnold, Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild

    1. Review actions from last meeting:

    Anya contacted Schlomi about beta testing Primo 5.  She hasn”t heard back.  

    Action item: Anya will follow up with Schlomi.

    Jesse will be chair of COE, Stephanie of Primo Beta testing WG.

    1. Primo 5 Beta Testing update (Anya)

    2. Primo 4.10 Testing update (Anya)

    Anya congratulated libraries that have completed testing; we”re now up to 19.  Six problem reports

    have been opened.  She”ll send out another reminder this week.  She will also follow up with ExLibris on the problem reports.  Megan suggested following up with the reps for each school that hasn”t tested.  We need to give a formal go/no-go by next week.  

    Do we have a problem making the list public (view-only)?  There were no objections.  

    1. Barcode as unique Identifier update (Jesse)


    Jesse explained how to turn on the barcode feature for each partner library.  We can check to see if libraries would prefer to configure the system themselves or have Anya do it.  Jesse also went over the pros and cons of the new process--it”s streamlined and efficient, but there is the chance for processing errors (the items can”t be Scanned In or it will create headaches).  Megan and others felt the pros outweigh the potential problems; it”ll just be a question of proper training.  

    There could also be a problem if an item has previously been borrowed by a library, and isn”t returned and received properly--the old barcode could still be in the system and create problems.  

    You can still receive by external identifier after the barcode process is turned on.

    We decided to go ahead and turn it on; we”ll give a deadline to make sure it”s done at roughly the same time.  Anya will offer to do the work for libraries that don”t want to do it themselves.  We should avoid turning on the barcodes at the same time as the new Alma (and Primo) release.    

    We settled on May 22 configuration deadline, June 1 implementation.

    1. May release fixes (Jesse)

    COE has a master list of desired fixes; it would be good to review that list and make sure everything is working properly.  It may go beyond Summit 3--Primo, Analytics etc.  May want to follow up with libraries that have requested fixes for a specific problem.  Jesse would be happy to work on that with someone else.  Anya suggested Kate from Western Washington, and potentially someone else from the DD team.  

    1. Renorm/Reindex window survey (Megan)

    We need to find a window of 96 hours--Primo will still work, but Alma updates won”t be added until the job is done running.  This information will be passed along to the Norm Rules WG.  Kelly suggested July 4, Thanksgiving, etc.  Spring Break.  Megan will create a survey to find out what periods would absolutely not work.  It”s not easy to schedule as a consortia.

    1. ‘DidYouMean’ Index updating (Megan)

    [bumped to later meeting]

      1. Salesforce Case #135607 references making the changes to remove potentially offensive terms on the Installation level, which applies to all Alliance institutions.

      2. ExL suggested an option to UW in case #00088988 which gives more control to institutions.  

      3. Does D&D want to create a method for Alliance-wide maintenance of the DidYouMean Index or investigate the UW method for institutional maintenance?

    1. Ad Hoc Working Groups (Megan / Anya / All)

      1. Primo 5 Beta Test, Primo Release Testing, Summit 3 Development/COE, Norm Rules

        1. Membership / How constituted.  Informal?  1-2 team members per group.  Limit the overhead to enable tight-knit communication.  Jesse suggested we may want to address fulfillment more directly.  We”ll see if the open calls are working before creating another working group.  Megan will draft an email to the discovery and delivery communities soliciting people for the 4 groups.  

        2. Timeline of work

    1. Additions from D&D Team Members?

    Jesse: have dupe requests been brought to ExLibris” attention?  Anya opened a case.  

    Jesse: The expiration feature for requests works in the sandbox and production.  Next step would be to include another library in the testing.  

    Action items:

    AA: Follow up with Schlomi re: Primo 5 beta testing

    AA: Send reminder to libraries that haven”t tested Primo 4.10 and follow up with ExLibris on problem reports.

    AA: Announce May 22 configuration deadline for turning on barcode identifiers with June 1 as implementation date.

    JT: Create team to review COE master list of May fixes.

    MD: Create survey to determine what windows will not work for Renorm/Reindexing.  

    MD: Solicit volunteers for the 4 working groups.

    Ex Libris has provided the Alma release schedule for 2015 - monthly releases will continue throughout this year.


    Scheduled installation on Sandbox

    Scheduled installation on Production


    December 28, 2014

    January 4, 2015


    January 25, 2015

    February 1, 2015


    February 22, 2015

    March 1, 2015


    March 22, 2015

    March 29, 2015


    April 26, 2015

    May 3, 2015


    May 31, 2015

    June 7, 2015


    June 28, 2015

    July 5, 2015


    July 26, 2015

    August 2, 2015


    August 23, 2015

    August 30, 2015


    October 4, 2015

    October 11, 2015


    October 25, 2015

    November 1, 2015


    November 29, 2015

    December 6, 2015

    If time allows:

    1. D&D Face to Face at Summer Meeting

May 12, 2015 at 2pm 

Participants :  

Megan Drake, Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery, Mindy Muzatko (minutes), Stephanie Michel, Anya Arnold, Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild

    1. Welcome/introductions (Megan)

      1. Minutes taking responsibilities

    2. ELUNA update (Megan / Anya/ anyone else?)

    • Takeaways: Alliance presentations - Migration Process, Primo 5, Resource Sharing, COE initiatives, consortial reporting, support protocols;

    • well worth attending, numerous interest groups and collaborative opportunities; we are light years ahead of other consortia!! Future directions: ExL excited to work with consortia

    1. Primo 5 (Megan)

    • redesigned from the ground up; cloud-only product; hard coded accessibility; more streamlined; Alliance is cautiously optimistic; customizable on the View level; ExL has approached the Alliance as a potential beta tester (later in 2015); need to find out where the testing would take place (deluxe sandbox?)

    • create a new testing group so that D&D team members aren”t the only testers; put out call to see who would be interested

    1. Primo 4.10 testing (Megan / Anya)

    • Anya will be following up on her previous test survey; three cases have been submitted so far

    • we may want to implement a second dedicated group to review monthly Primo releases and then send out sign-off surveys for Alliance-wide approval; alternative would be to continue with small group testing; important to give other libraries an opportunity to test and express concerns/problems.

    • would we want to set up a separate group for Alma testing as well? (see 5b.)

    1. Summit 3 (Megan / Anya)

      1. Barcode as unique identifier - ready for prime time?

    • good testing results in the sandbox; needs to turned on by everyone at the institution level; has to potential to be much more efficient for Summit processors; Jesse will write up documentation for config and processing and report back next week

      1. Fallout from releases - who and how do we handle this in the future

        1. Should we create an ad hoc working group focused on release testing? - The 6 S3 testing libraries - are the only libraries that can test S3 - do they want that responsibility? If not would they give the Alliance office access ?

    • Anya/Megan will continue writing these up for the time being

    1. Summit 3 & COE (Anya)

      1. Prior to June - Review Network Analytics what more do we want/ need?

    • Jesse serving as D&D liaison to Kathi”s consortial reporting group

    • reports can only be run by Alliance staff and then shared with individual institutions

      1. Prior to June - Review the Shoulds Coulds from the ‘Musts’ doc - what do we still want/ need now that we are in the system, what is still broken.

        1. Need to have a List broken down by June - so that EXL and DD-sub team can hash out the details, and delivery dates.

        2. Anya will send out meeting invites to everyone for Wednesday calls

    1. D&D open calls (Megan) - agenda driven based on Alliance needs at the time; start in June and record for posterity

      1. Discovery - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WF0gPdQwT2uyJeqBR1glDH0ucReWf3CKrVuOMNt0-Ag/edit#gid=907713476

      2. Fulfillment - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kfHO8msSilU0Z63xMLcnKInbHeNulp3N_JdDZS4VlSw/edit#gid=907713476

      3. Barcode Receiving - potential topic

    2. Summer Meeting Recommendations

      1. Topics for Breakouts - in order

        1. I will show you mine if you show me yours : Display Logic Rules, GES and Primo Customizations (Alex- WSU to coordinate a panel)

        2. How Alma data is used in Primo - Doris Munson is presenting at ELUNA about this

        3. Why should I Care? : Norm Rules

        4. Ask Me Anything: Open forum to discuss issues we are experiencing in our home libraries

      2. Second day - Reps meeting and Face to Face meeting

    1. Anything else?

      1. Existing normalization rules requests punchlist (Lesley)

        1. Need to survey for acceptable renorm/reindex windows through end of calendar year.

        2. Need to prioritize and schedule existing unresolved requests (future meeting and/or task group?).


    Action Items :

    AA: to contact ExL to confirm that we are willing to be 5.0 primo testers - would need to see how testing would be done - (ie. separate from our live and current sandbox)

    MD:  Send out list of ad hoc working groups created during meeting and solicit team member participation on each group.  Also send email to communities seeking volunteers for each group.

    DD: If we become a Primo 5 beta tester - have  ( 1-2 team members ( one team member must be the lead) 1-2 non team members) Report and sit in on the Team meetings so that everyone is informed and on the same page.

    DD: Create a Small group for primo testing for next release  -  unknown timing  ( 1-2 team members ( one team member must be the lead) 1-2 non team members) - would test primo and be the primary testers - then would recommend to the DD team go no go - then the team would inform the reps and have them acknowledge and or test on their own.   

    AA/ MD: will handle the coordination of testing and release notes for Alma in the areas that effect our charge.

    DD: Create a Small group for S3/COE    ( 1-2 team members ( one team member must be the lead) 1-2 non team members)

    JT: Will write up the documentation and instructions on how to configure the barcode change and will report back next Tuesday.

    MD/AA: Need to create the agenda for next week and add discussion of renorm/reindex window survey for the new NRWG. As well as the Summer meeting Face to Face meeting agenda and hopes for reps and teams. Should probably add a review of our charge.

    AA: Wednesday morning call (9:30 - 10) ExL run - about S3   

    Conference ID: 93694


    EJC: Next Note taker.