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10:45 - Noon, July 9, 2015

Participants:   Anya Arnold, Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Megan Drake, EJ Carter, Jesse Thomas, Lesley Lowery, Keith Folsom


  1. Introductions, putting faces with names

    1. Done at Team Dinner

  2. Review actions from last meeting: .

  3. COE Summit 3 WG update (Jesse)

    1. WG had our first call last week ; notes are posted on website and will be also added to the DD-Team GDocs space.  Some members are new, some have been involved for quite a while.  Provided documentation, explaining charge, talking history, what needs to be done, roadmap moving forward.

    2. Anya & Jesse working on consolidating documentation.

    3. Jesse is targeting for another meeting soon and is thinking to meet every 2 or 3 weeks.

    4. Problems since July release with an increase of locate failed.  These requests don”t have internal identifiers.  Moshe doesn”t think it”s the July release that”s the culprit but it”s difficult to troubleshoot.  

      1. Jesse needs more information about requesting libraries before he can f/u with ExL

      2. ACTION:  Jesse will raise on open Delivery call

  4. Primo Release Testing WG update (Stephanie)

    1. July Primo release notes won”t be released to us until Primo July release in on our sandbox on the 22nd.

      1. Production implementation Go Live is able to be moved later and can be moved another week back due to the lateness of the Primo release notes.

      2. We should target for a mid-August release in production

    2. Nimble Storage on July 13.

      1. We have the ability to kick off a renorm/reindex in Premium Sandbox and should do that on Friday the 17th so get time needed before July release goes on SB on 22nd.

  5. COE Consortial Analytics update (Jesse)

    1. Next meeting is 7/18.  Still soliciting examples from the institutions but feels that there are Alliance needs that aren”t represented.

    2. Generating list of essential use cases

    3. ACTION:  Jesse will post list of use cases to D&D Team for review and input

  6. Additions from D&D Team Members for the end of the meeting?

    1. NRWG - new members and next steps (Lesley)

      1. have had 3 pepole approach -Hillary Robboleth, Doris Munson & Shannon Eagles.  Kyle Banerjee would like to nominate someone from OHSU.  Everyone who has approached Lesley has been requested to send email to Anya / Lesley / Megan so there is documentation.

      2. Q:  Does anyone that wants to be on the group need any specific certification?  A:  We can always get you what you need, but you do need PBO access.  Lesley will iron out the need for PBO Access / Primo Cert training with all volunteers.

      3. Next Steps:

        1. Training of new members ; working with Kelley to make sure documentation is good & accessible.  Would be good to have meetings that are initial face-to-face workshops for trainings.

        2. ACTION:  Lesley will send Megan link to current NRWG website which includes link to request NRWG work.  Megan will then put it in the DD-Team folder and send to Anya for DD-Team website (both list as well as request link and punch list as view only)

      4. ACTION:  Megan to put Renorm Reindex windows into the DD - Team folder and add to Primo/Alma release calendar

      5. What lists should team members be on?

        1. Fulfill-discussion ; Disc-Admin ; disc-discussion ; they should contact Elizabeth if they are not on those lists.

        2. Add team members to DD-Team folder

      6. First actual working target will be to review the old SILS NRWG punch list and target quick fixes that can be rolled out by October.

      7. Open call for all community (or an Alliance-wide open call) in Sept / Oct

      8. There are issues that are policy-related or have potential financial impact ; these items are escalated to Megan/Anya/Keith to be discussed at the Policy & Coordination Team

  7. Dissemination of Information - what do we send where and how to we solicit information from the community & institutions?

  8. Review of charge:


The Discovery and Delivery Team provides broad oversight and leadership for the development and use of discovery and delivery systems and services. As experts for the consortium, the team determines policies and procedures and continually assesses discovery and delivery systems and interfaces to achieve improved services.

Annual Goals

1. Ensure that our patrons are able to discover all items locally as well as consortially in a stable and streamlined fashion.

  • Baseline Primo Back Office configuration - researching, implementing, and documenting desired changes

  • Development of an overarching plan for Alliance-level Primo management

  • Alma interoperability with discovery- fulfillment, cataloging, acquisitions, licensing.

  • SalesForce case management - gathering and prioritization of issues, communication with vendor and institutional staff

  • Normalization Rules - gathering and prioritization of issues; understanding, implementing, and documenting normalization rule changes; communication with institutional staff about changes

  • User Experience - identification and testing of issues, communication with stakeholders

    • Investigate creation of a UX WG

  • Public Services outreach - Primo Open Houses, Interest Group meetings, Hackfests

  • Prioritize Primo-related issues. Draft Primo ELUNA enhancement requests

2. Ensure that Summit/fulfillment processing is streamlined and stable, for the betterment of user and staff experiences.

  • Document all procedural workflows for circulating items throughout the Alliance; maintain the accuracy of these workflows as enhancements are implemented.

    • Including Alma configurations for Resource Sharing

    • Including Statistics and Reports, not limited to those needed for Annual Account Reconciliation

  • Create and maintain online training manuals and short procedural videos

  • Migrate all pertinent and historical information needed from the old Alliance Website to the new

  • With the Assessment Team, determine what functionality is missing from fulfillment and delivery, including Summit3, in both Alma and Primo

  • Prioritize Alma-related issues. Draft Alma ELUNA enhancement requests

2:00 PM, July 21, 2015

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Megan Drake, Jesse Thomas (minutes), E.J. Carter (absent - vacation), Lesley Lowery, Mindy Muzatko (absent - vacation), Stephanie Michel (absent - vacation), Anya Arnold, Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild (absent - vacation), Keith Folsom

GTM - Disc & Delivery Team Meeting

DD Team Meeting

Tue, Jul 21, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


United States +1 (872) 240-3312

Access Code: 636-767-573


  1. Review actions from last meeting: .

  2. Consortial Analytics

    1. Essential Uses spreadsheet

    2. Summary of subject areas

    3. Anya will review summary and help development documentation for D&D’s consortial priorities

  3. COE Summit 3 WG update (Jesse)

    1. Anya/Jesse will finish consolidating previous S3 documentation onto a single spreadsheet; then we’ll send it to the S3WG team for review before sharing with Ex Libris

    2. future COE calls should focus on improving/enhancing S3 rather than getting bogged down on current problems which are better addressed through cases

  4. Primo Enhancement Requests

    1. rushed deadline contributed to mishmash of enhancements, some clearer than others; we spent the majority of this call reviewing the spreadsheet above in order to clarify and reword the submissions

  5. Professional Development Award Submission from D&D? (Anya)

    1. deadline coming up in August; talk about next meeting

  6. Additions from D&D Team Members?

2:00 PM, July 28, 2015

Participants (please bold as you come in):  

Megan Drake, Jesse Thomas, E.J. Carter, Lesley Lowery (minutes), Mindy Muzatko, Stephanie Michel, Anya Arnold, Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Keith Folsom

GTM - Disc & Delivery Team Meeting

Tue, Jul 28, 2015 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (657) 220-3412

Access Code: 175-773-693


  1. Review actions from last meeting:

    1. Consortial analytics: Anya and Jesse to discuss development of D&D consortial priorities offline.

  2. Consortial Analytics (Jesse)

  3. COE Summit 3 WG update (Jesse)

    1. We have our next S3WG meeting scheduled for this Friday (7/31) at 9am

    2. We will be reviewing the spreadsheet above in preparation of the resumption of our COE ExL calls next Wednesday

  4. Norm Rules WG update (Lesley)

    1. Members have been identified

      1. ACTION:  Megan to send out list of members to Elizabeth for posting on Alliance.

      2. ACTION:  NRWG members need Installation access to PBO.  Lesley to send list of members needing Installation PBO access and those needing Installation PBO access revoked.Keith will coordinate with Al on this.

      3. ACTION:  Lesley to confirm all members are Primo certified.

    2. Poll is out for meeting time

  5. Renormalization on Primo SB for C4 ebook problem (EOU Alma - 322,000 affected records)

    1. Al needs go/no-go vote ASAP - GO vote after Alma testing (see below)

    2. Concern: Will not running the reindexing after the renorm result in search result degradation?  Al says no.

    3. Concern: Need to have sufficient sandbox testing time on Thursday and Friday to check the effect of the Alma August release on the request form.  Can we test the request form quickly this afternoon and then give go/no-go?  ACTION: Jesse to coordinate quick testing, to complete by 4pm today. Jesse will test WWU, Megan will test Pacific.

  6. August Alma update (Keith / Anya)

    1. Review of release notes is underway - Anya will complete her review by tomorrow morning.

  7. Primo July Release testing (Megan / Stephanie)

    1. Nimble Storage testing by Ex Libris ongoing

    2. July release is on SB, Alliance not informed as expected.  Anya has communicated with Matt on this issue.

    3. WG has been informed to expect testing activity - delay until Thursday due to SB work on Ebook problem

    4. WG will be communicating with Discovery community to request testing feedback.

    5. Bill Kelm is reviewing release notes:  ACTION: Anya to review Alliance SF cases to see which cases are potentially addressed by the release.

  8. Priority Support Issues meeting (Megan / Keith / Anya)

    1. These meetings are to be once monthly, and will address long-standing high-priority issues that are languishing, and aren”t better covered by the COE calls.

    2. Please enter requests on this spreadsheet (which includes a listing of proposed issues for the August 6 meeting and a sheet listing the issues discussed during our July 9 meeting at Warner Pacific College

    3. All issues must be mapped to one or more Salesforce cases.

    4. In contrast to the Customer Success Program channel, there isn't a numeric issue limit for the meeting. However, when you submit an issue, enter in impact information in the "Summary of issue" column. If I have questions on or concerns about impact, I will reach out to the submitter.

    5. ACTION: Megan to send out call for institutional cases that are dead for at least 3 weeks (DD-Community, Admins, Discovery community, and Fulfillment Community)

  9. Professional Development Award Submission from D&D (Anya)

    1. Scope questions: Marita @ Pacific.

    2. Submission deadline is mid-August; have a year to deliver on proposal.

    3. Hackfest?  Lots of interest in attending/participating - running it may not be doable within D&D.  

    4. Decision: Let it go for this year.

  10. Case reporting structure & triage (Keith / Anya)

    1. Institutions should file individual cases first - there will be no coordinated Alliance cases to initiate problem reports.

    2. If cases lag, contact Keith, who will add a note to the case asking for attention.

    3. If case remains dead, Keith will escalate to Brian, etc.

    4. If a problem is widespread, Alliance case will be filed to draw attention to the widespread nature of the issue.  Note that Alliance level cases don”t necessarily get more attention than institutional cases.

    5. ACTION: Keith to confer with Al and send out information to the Community lists.

  11. Additions from D&D Team Members?