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Established: September 2015
Disbanded: April 2016

Type of Group and General Comments
Teams can form ad hoc working groups that are chaired by a team member with membership drawn from staff at member libraries. Selected working groups might also include non-members. For example, a working group concerned with the courier might include non-member participants. Joint Working Groups may be formed by the Board and assigned to a lead team.

The formation of a Joint Working Group was approved at the 2015 June 4 meeting and the charge was approved at the 2015 September 3 meeting of the Policy & Coordination Team.

Purpose: Support top-priority goals of the CCD Team for FY16: Aggregate unique Alliance digital content, facilitating discovery of unique materials in the SILS Shared Primo space

Background: New group. The group should carefully review the background documents to inform their work.
Charge for FY16
    • Support first-priority goal of aggregating unique Alliance digital content.
      • Through Digital Content Metadata Standards Working Group, review, distribute for comment, revise, and facilitate the adoption of shared digital content metadata standards
      • Begin to identify shared approaches to metadata cleanup
      • Gather information on what DAMs and IRs Alliance members are using in a space that members can update as there are changes
    • Support second-priority goal of facilitating the identification of practices, approaches, and methods for representing unique content in Alliance Primo
      • Communicate clearly what defines “unique” materials in Alliance Primo
      • Gather information on what Alliance members are currently doing with unique collections in shared Primo, and what they would like to do
      • Facilitate discussion of selecting materials for inclusion in shared Primo
      • Support the CCD Team in becoming an equal player in understanding and effectively working in the SILS
    • Contribute findings to the CCD’s annual report