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Enable OAI and Map Fields in your DAM/IR

Select a Collection

The Digital Public Library of America aggregates digital objects that are described with Dublin Core in an unrestricted system that are part of the United States” cultural and/or scientific heritage. (Please note: The Alliance is not yet visible in DPLA. We are working on ingest and expect to be live in DPLA by the end of 2018.)

Alliance Primo aggregates digital objects that are described with Dublin Core in an unrestricted system that the institution wants to pipe to Primo, without having to create/maintain local pipes. (Please note: This is not yet in production. Primo publishing is scheduled to run nightly, so your set should be able to be viewed in the Primo sandbox the day after you contribute it. The sets are being actively tested in order to write normalization rules and measure outcomes against objectives.)

Collections that fit all of these criteria may be contributed to both DPLA and Primo simultaneously.

Evaluate the Collection's Metadata

Assess whether your metadata meets requirements set by the Dublin Core Best Practices, plan where to clean up your metadata (in your DAM/IR, with OpenRefine, or in the Harvester)

Check whether your records are missing required metadata. 
See what kind of metadata is mapped to each Dublin Core field, catch mapping errors, and identify metadata for cleanup.

Thinking of enriching in addition to cleanup? This checklist will help you decide what, and how much, enrichment is suitable. 

Alliance Metadata Standards

Determine and Apply Rights Statements

Remediate your Metadata

Do batch cleanup on records exported from your local system

Match metadata values to controlled vocabulary terms

Contribute a Collection for Aggregation in Alliance Primo, DPLA, or Both

Digital Collections Training

Development and revision of digital collections documentation supported in part with grants awarded by the Oregon Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program of the Oregon State Library in 2016 and 2017.