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Proquest DDA

The Alliance created the first-of-its-kind consortial demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) model in 2011. This initiative provided shared discovery and purchasing of e-books on behalf of all 39 Orbis Cascade Alliance members. The service was facilitated by a partnership with YBP and ProQuest, and it was generously funded by the consortium membership.

The Alliance DDA program officially concluded in August, 2017. At that time, the Alliance had purchased over 3,000 titles since the program's inception. These purchased titles are available perpetually to all Alliance members. The records are in the Alma Network Zone and are part of the Electronic Collection ‘Proquest Ebook Library (Orbis Cascade Alliance Ebooks).’ All DDA portfolios include a public note: ‘Orbis Cascade DDA Purchased Resource.’
The Alliance DDA titles were originally on the EBL platform (orbis.eblib.com) but in spring 2017 migrated to the ProQuest Ebook Central platform (ebookcentral.proquest.com). The old URLs still redirect to the new platform and will eventually be replaced by the new URLs. All users are required to authenticate through their home institution.

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