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Thursday, July 14, 2016, 9am-10:30am - team & reps
Warner Pacific College, Schlatter Chapel

Thursday, July 9, 2016, 10:45am-12pm - team only
Warner Pacific College, Schlatter Chapel

Members Present

Agenda & Minutes

Welcome (Chris Shaffer)


  • CW Team
  • Reps

Review role of team members and representatives (Cassie Schmitt)

Year in review (Cassie Schmitt)

  • What mechanisms exist to enable you to particpate in Alliance work
  • Question for reps/audience: What other mechanisms or structures would help you to contribute to collaborative work?

CW model (Chris Shaffer)

FY 17 goals overview (Chris Shaffer)

  • FY 17 Goals
  • Are there any goals that reps would give higher priority to than others?

Technical Services Working Group update (Sion Romaine)

Open discussion (Chris Shaffer)

  • A chance for representatives to ask questions, share concerns, and express priorities not discussed yet above
  • Team will take comments under advisement when planning activities

Next meeting: on GoToMeeting to be scheduled

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