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Please consult the History of Collaborative Technical Services page for all information about CTST and it's work.

CTST disbanded in December 2014 to align with the new program structure. The work will be carried out by the Collaborative Workforce Team and Technical Services Working Group.

The Collaborative Technical Services Team governed the Orbis Cascade Alliance's Technical Services Program

The Collaborative Technical Services Team is charged with exploring and implementing shared practices in technical services operations.  Those shared practices include but are not limited to: establishing a working relationship with the Shared ILS Implementation Team and identifying collaborative opportunities, establishing functional workflows, policies and training for shared technical services, and exploring new areas for and methods of expanding cooperative projects and programs in technical services.

In 2009, the Orbis Cascade Alliance commissioned a white paper from R2 Consulting called, "The Extended Library Enterprise: Collaborative Technical Services & Shared Staffing." This vision of collaboration, coupled with longstanding collaborative efforts in collections and the shared ILS initiative, informed the work of each iteration of the Collaborative Technical Services teams and task forces. 

Critically important documentation from those committees are provided online, through committee websites or the program documentation. Previous minutes and other documentation are stored centrally and available from Alliance staff. 

2009 Collaborative Technical Services Task Force

2010 Collaborative Technical Services Team

2011 Collaborative Technical Services Team

2012-2014 Collaborative Technical Services Team

Three working groups focus the development of policies in each technical services functional areas. Many of the policies focus on the use of the new Alma shared ILS, so each working group is assigned a team member who sits on the respective working group within Collaborative Technical Services Team and the Shared ILS Team.

Policies may be found in the Technical Services Program area, and the minutes describing the decision making behind those policies are within the working group websites.

Acquisitions Working Group

Cataloging Working Group

Serials/ERM Working Group