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Established: 2017 September
Work Completed: 2018 February

Type of Group and General Comments
Project group. For more information, see the Team Structure page.
Implement Creative Commons licenses for finding aids in Archives West.


Outcomes to Produce
  • Identify possible Creative Commons (CC) licenses for finding aids in Archives West
  • Provide documentation to members for standards going forward (as update to the Alliance”s EAD Best Practices)
  • Contribute to implementation of recommendations by surveying member institutions about preferred CC licenses
  • Answer questions and address any concerns about the project and its outcomes
[Note: Staff will work with A&M participants to choose/globally apply the CC licenses and modify the AW stylesheet so they are visible]

Level of Decision-Making Authority

2017 October-December

Background and Context
2016-2017 Task Force and EAD Database WG explored how to encode rights statements (for the archival metadata) into archival finding aids.

This was a follow-up to a session at SAA 2016 in Atlanta about ‘open metadata’ and the article ‘Time to Open Up: The Why and How of Opening Up Archival Finding Aids and the Unintended Consequences of Being Closed’ (by Merrilee Proffitt and Heather Briston) in March/April 2016 issue of Archival Outlook.

The TF made recommendations and EAD DB WG refined and clarified the recommendations in order to share with Archives & Manuscripts members in May 2017.

Number of Members Needed
Note: This group is open to both Alliance members and non-Alliance members who participate in the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service

Skills Needed
Group members should have one or more of the following:
  • Knowledge of Creative Commons licenses
  • Familiarity with work of predecessor group and national conversations
  • Experience with creative and coordinated outreach and information dissemination strategies in order to introduce and implement a set of Creative Commons licenses for finding aids of all A&M Collections Service participating institutions.
Also, see the chart on this page for overall expectations of all Alliance group members.