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Council Meeting Minutes

March 10 – 11, 2016

Meeting #43

Lewis & Clark College

Portland, Oregon

Building #14 AQ Smith Hall

March 10 Noon - 5 pm

March 11 9am – 12noon


* = FY16 Board of Directors

Tina Hovekamp (COCC)

Patricia Cutright (CWU)

Natalie Beach (Chemeketa)

Phillip J. King (Clackamas)

Michelle Bagley (Clark)*

Brent Mai (Concordia)

Karen Clay (EOU)

Suzanne Milton (EWU)

Merrill Johnson (GFU)

Lori Wamsley (LCC)

Elaine Hirsch for Mark Dahl (L&C)*

Patrick Wohlmut for Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield)

Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst)

Megan Dugan (MHCC)

Chris Shaffer (OHSU)

Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild (OIT)

Faye Chadwell (OSU)*

Isaac Gilman (Pacific)

Donna Reed (PCC)*

Dena Hutto (Reed)

Michael Paulus (SPU)*

John Popko (SU)

Jeffrey Gayton (SOU)

Greg Mullins (TESC)

Lynn Baird (UI)*

Adriene Lim (UO)

Drew Harrington (UP)

Marilyn Moody (PSU)

Betsy Wilson (UW)

Carolyn Gaskell (WWU)

Mari Krause (WPC) – Thursday Only

Jay Starratt (WSU)

Allen McKiel (WOU)

Mark I. Greenberg (WWU)*

Craig Milberg (Willamette)

Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)*

Amanda C. R. Clark (Whitworth) -- Thursday only; Friday proxy Dalia Corkrum


John F. Helmer; Executive Director*

Jodi Allison-Bunnell; Program Manager

Al Cornish; Program Manager

Elizabeth Duell, Events Coordinator

Kathi Carlisle Fountain, Program Manager

Ray Henry, Program Manager

Debora Place, Business Manager

Cassie Schmitt, Program Manager


Jane Carlin (Puget Sound),* proxy is Michelle Bagley

Scot Harrison (SMU), proxy is Michael Paulus

Thursday March 10

Katie Kodat, L&C Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, welcomed the Council

1. Welcome, Introductions, and review of agenda (Faye)

Attendees introduced themselves.

Council mentors introduced the new Council members:

  • Lori Wamsley introduced by Adriene Lim
  • Isaac Gilman introduced by Merrill Johnson
  • Craig Milberg introduced by Dena Hutto
  • Amanda C. R. Clark introduced by Faye Chadwell
  • Phillip J. King introduced by Faye Chadwell

2. Update and discussion: Team goals for FY17 (Faye)

Faye Chadwell briefly updated and discussed the Team goals. Council members asked questions about the Team goals documentation

2.1 Continuing work on goals documents

Union document, a cross-comparison chart

Systems Team

Shared Content Team

Discovery & Delivery Team

Content Creation & Dissemination Team

Collaborative Workforce Team: report | goals

Assessment Team

2.2 Assessment Team work with teams on February 11, 2016 (Jodi & Karen Clay)

Karen Clay discussed the work and concerns of the Assessment Team

3. Discussion in preparation for Friday vote

3.1. Aggregating Digital Content (Faye)

Michael Paulus gave a brief introduction to the Board recommendation The Council discussed the recommendation and asked questions of Michael and Jodi Allison-Bunnell.

Board recommendation for Council consideration

Approve Aggregating Digital Content proposal developed by Content Creation & Dissemination Team and include in FY17 Budget.

Documents: CCD Report

3.2. Ebooks and Collection Development Guiding Principles (Faye)

Kathi Fountain presented an introduction to recommendations on Shared Content Team work on ebooks and collection policies and answered questions from the Council.

Board recommendation

Approve Ebook proposal developed by Shared Content Team and include in FY17 Budget.

Board recommendation

Approve Collection Development Guiding Principles proposal developed by Shared Content Team


• Ebooks: SCT Report (password protected) | Assessment report

Collection Development Guiding Principles

3.3. Financial Framework (Michelle)

Michelle Bagley, Treasurer, went through the updated Financial Framework document and answered questions from the Council.

Board recommendation

Approve the revised Financial Framework as drafted by Finance Team.

Document: Financial Framework

3.4. FY17 Budget (Michelle)

Michelle Bagley presented and answered questions during the discussion about the FY17 Budget.

Board recommendation

Approve the FY17 as prepared by the Finance Team.

Documents: Memo | Spreadsheet (password protected)

Friday March 11

New Member Breakfast

  • Faye A. Chadwell
  • Lynn Baird
  • John F. Helmer
  • Lori H. Wamsley and mentor Adriene Lim
  • Isaac Gilman and mentor Merrill Johnson
  • Craig Milberg and mentor Dena Hutto
  • Phillip J. King

4. Brief updates

Executive Director search (Faye Chadwell & Betsy Wilson)

Summer Meeting (Suzanne Milton & Elizabeth)

HR transition (Faye Chadwell)

5. Voting on recommendations (Faye)

See agenda item #3 for Board recommendations and documents.

Aggregating Digital Content

The Council had a discussion about the proposal.

Vote: 36 in favor; 1 not in favor; 1 abstain – Proposal passed


Vote: Passed unanimously (37)

Collection Development Guiding Principles

Council had a discussion about the proposal. Separating the last inset: ‘support for core academic programs and also geographical differences among the membership’ into two bullets

Vote: Passed unanimously (39)

Financial Framework

Michelle Bagley discussed the clarifying adjustments that were proposed by Council.

Vote: 39 in favor with one abstention – Proposal Passed

FY17 Budget

The Council discussed and asked questions about the FY17 Budget.

Vote: Passed Unanimously (39)

6. Shared ILS: update and discussion

• John Helmer introduced the updates and discussions. He also thanked the Council for the Professional Development award in his name.

• Al Cornish gave an update about the Alma system (Slides)

• Ray Henry gave an update about the Primo & Summit 3

• Cassie Schmitt gave an update about the Collaborative Technical Services

• John Helmer gave an update about the Leadership discussions with Ex Libris and answered questions from the Council.

• John Helmer discussed the Summary of issues (password protected)


Dalia Corkrum announced that Chris Cox, past Council member, is getting married today!

Patricia Cutright announced that Brooks Library was nominated for the IMLS Medal of Honor are in the 15 finalists. The final decision will be announced the end of the month.

John Popko announced Seattle University”s announcement for his exciting job and asked others to extend it to anyone who would be good for the Alliance.

Faye echoed this sentiment about University of Portland.

Meeting was adjourned.