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Orbis Cascade Alliance

Council Member Handbook

  1. Introduction
  2. History of the Alliance 
Introduction to the Alliance 

  5. Alliance Structure -- Staff, Board/Council, Teams/Groups 
    • Alliance Staff
    • Board

    • Teams / Groups 
  6. General communication methods 

  7. Alliance Programs 

  8. Serving on Council 
Council Member Position Description 

  10. Council Meetings 

  11. What to do first 


The Orbis Cascade Alliance is a member-driven consortium. The leaders of all member libraries take an active role in the governance of the organization by serving on the Alliance Council, which is the decision-making body for the consortium and determines its strategic priorities.

This handbook provides an overview of the structure and functions of the Alliance; of the responsibilities of member institutions and their Council representatives; and of the operational culture of the consortium. In addition to this handbook, core documents that each Council member should review include:

  1. Bylaws of Orbis Cascade Alliance (governance)
  2. Orbis Cascade Alliance Memorandum of Understanding (member responsibilities)
  3. Orbis Cascade Alliance Financial Framework (fee and financial assumptions)