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Council Meeting Minutes #22

November 13 – 14, 2008
Red Lion on the River
Portland, Oregon

Thursday, November 13 , 2008: 12 noon – 5 pm
Friday, November 14, 2008: 8:30 – 12 noon    

Expected Participants


David Bilyeu (COCC), Daniel CannCasciato (CWU), Natalie Beech (Chemeketa), Michelle Bagley (Clark), Brent Mai (Concordia), Karen Clay (EOU), Pat Kelley (EWU), Merrill Johnson (GFU), Nadine Williams (LCC), Jim Kopp (L&C), Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield), Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst), Jan Marie Fortier (MHCC), Chris Shaffer (OHSU), Karyle Butcher (OSU), Marita Kunkel (Pacific), Donna Reed (PCC), Helen Spalding (PSU), Vickie Hanawalt (Reed), Scot Harrison (SMU), Bryce Nelson (SPU), Teresa Montgomery (SOU), John Popko (SU), Gregg Sapp (TESC), Deb Carver (UO), Drew Harrington (UP), Jane Carlin (UPS), Betsy Wilson, (UW), Carolyn Gaskell (WWU), Sue Kopp (WPC), Jay Starratt (WSU), Allen McKiel (WOU), Christopher Cox (WWU), Deborah Dancik (WU), Dalia Corkrum (Whitman).

Not attending:  Karen Kunz (OIT) Marita Kunkel carried her proxy


Susan Hinken (UP)

Alliance Staff

John F. Helmer, Kyle Banerjee, Nancy Nathanson, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Elizabeth Duell

  Welcome and Introductions

Deb Dancik called on Council mentors to introduce Gregg Sapp (TESC), Chris Shaffer (OHSU), and Daniel CannCasciato (CWU).

Jay Starratt was announced as the new Member-at-large.

2. Summit Topics

Banerjee and Nathanson Reported

The Migration is progressing. It has been a complicated effort and many people have worked very hard at keeping it on track. Roll out should progress within the timeline.

There was discussion on the loan period. A motion was made by Pat Kelley to make the loan period, while there is ‘no renew’ to 8 weeks. Karyle Butcher seconded. After discussion it was called to a vote and it was defeated. After more discussion Jim Kopp moved that the loan period be extended to 6 weeks. It was seconded by Jan Marie Fortier. A vote was called and the motion passed.

Helmer reported on Local Millennium systems and the information from III and World Cat Local Update

3.1 Strategic Planning Preparation

The Council participated in short presentations of compelling ideas in a "Speed Dating" format. Each person had a maximum of 4 minutes to speak. Questions and answers were also kept to 4 minutes.  Time was kept by John Popko and his trained monkey.

The order and topics were presented by:

     1. Information Literacy -- Susan Barnes Whyte

     2. Leadership Development -- Vickie Hanawalt

     3. Shared Staff Expertise -- Donna Reed

        Question and answers re. 1-3

     4. Cooperative Collection Development -- Deb Carver

     5. Data Management and Curation -- Deb Dancik

        Question and answers re. 4-5

     6. RLSC & What To Do With all the Stuff -- Helen Spalding

     7. Space Planning -- Drew Harrington

        Question and answers re. 6-7

15 min. Break

     8. Next Generation Catalogs -- Karen Clay

     9. Single Catalog for Alliance libraries -- Jay Starratt

    10. Technical Services/Cataloging Center -- Jim Kopp

         Question and answers re. 8-10

    11. Digitization -- Marita Kunkel

    12. Institutional Repositories -- Dalia Corkrum

    13. Alliance as a Source for R&D -- Karyle Butcher

         Question and answers re. 11-13

3.2 Alliance Overview

Helmer reported on  Major Programs and Strategic initiatives; Institutional participation; Conferences and workshops; Courier service; Electronic Resources Program; NWDA; Summit Contributions and loans;

3.3 Updates on selected Strategic initiatives

Allison-Bunnell reported on the IMLS grant. She also spoke about her plethora of surveys and their great importance in her work.

Hinken reported on  the YBP project as well as the Distributed Repository Projects.

Helmer reported on  RLSC

4. Strategic Planning Redux

Discussion: We are very caught up in efficiencies, but what will it bring to our students?

Should we bring these things to our February Retreat? Are they governance or strategic initiatives?

5. Membership Breakout discussions and report

5.1 Introduction

Questions for each group to consider

  • Consider the strategic (versus the philosophic) advantages and disadvantages of growth in Alliance membership.
  • How would growth serve out institutional interests?
  • Other than strategic considerations, what gives you pause about growth; what's attractive?
  • What might be the limits or boundaries be (i.e. factors) to what kinds of institutions are members?
  • Given the programmatic options we considered yesterday, what kind of organization do we have to be to accomplish those things?

5.2 Break out sessions grouped by size of institution as measured by FTE
A recorder will be selected for each session and notes will be summarized and distributed to Council after the meeting.

Up to 2,000 FTE
Washington Room
Dalia Corkrum facilitator
Vickie Hanawalt note taker

Warner Pacific
Central Oregon
Saint Martin’s

Walla Walla
Mt. Hood

2,000 to 3,000 FTE
Overton Room
Deb Dancik facilitator
Natalie Beach note taker



3,000 to 7,000 FTE
Lovejoy Room
Drew Harrington facilitator
John Popko note taker



7,000 FTE and above
Washington Room
Helen Spalding facilitator
Pat Kelley note taker






Reports will be sent to Elizabeth to be distributed after Council meeting.

6. Membership and Governance Task Force

The ideas that seemed to generate the most interest are: cooperative distributed tech services; RLSC & digital initiatives; single ILS and cooperative collection development.

It is very difficult to have a conversation in the group and deal with governance separately from membership.

There was interest in clustering the ideas floated at the Speed Dating as well as a call for the possibility of hiring a consultant to help with this process.

There were concerns in diluting efforts by working on too many things.

It seems that the Alliance can be focused on short-term things.

The variety of ideas floated at the speed dating have differing urgencies.

Possibly hiring a second consultant to come and help with the cultural change that will – and has to – happen especially around the centralizing of the services.

Some of the ideas Council needs to address around Membership are: agree to anticipate additional academic membership; whether or how to deal with other membership; the possibility of tiered membership vs. full participation.

Drew Harrington & John Popko

Again, the topics were so interrelated that it was hard to chat about them individually; however, the most important topics seemed to be Centralized Technology services and catalog services

Part of the conversation was about a 'there' - one place for collections etc.

Another thought was about cooperative and decentralized single ILS – sharing e resources and other digital subjects and information literacy - cooperative sharing of ways of doing this  All these subjects were tied back to having a consultant to help with this process.

We would like the consultant to give us a new business model at a network level to manage this work in a way that lets us reallocate local resources.

Pat Kelley

Only in passing did the group address who we are. The upshot is we feel we need a consultant to evaluate what we are doing with options 4 8 9 10. (4 – Cooperative Collections Development; 8 – Next Generation Catalogs; 9 – Single Catalog for Alliance Members; 10 – Technical Services/Cataloging Center)

The group feels that if we don”t deal with them, we can' t move forward.

The group suggests getting a consultant to look at 4 8 9 10 and recommend changes to increase our ability to move forward.

Also that the Alliance needs to be looking at short term to see where it lands with long term.

Out of a better understanding and how to work differently will help us talk about alliance future... whether to stay there or go beyond it. programmatically

Executive Committee recommendation - governance task force

Discussion: Given the discussion in the groups, the timelines are too tight right now and that the discussion in February needs to come into play. It would also be productive to have a preliminary report in the February meeting.

A vote was called for and the Executive Committee Recommendation was passed.

Updates and Announcements:

Susan Barnes Whyte talked about OCLC and that the members council format is being replaced with a regional council.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:39 am.