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Orbis Cascade Alliance Council Meeting    

April 8-9, 2004

University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon



Present: David Bilyeu (COCC), Leonoor Ingraham-Swets (Clark) Tom Peischl(CWU), Patty Cutright (EOU),Pat Kelley (EWU), Lee Lyttle (TESC), Merrill Johnson (GFU), Jim Kopp (L&C), Susan Barnes-Whyte (Linfield), Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst),Jim Morgan (OHSU), Marita Kunkel (OIT), Karyle Butcher (OSU), Linda Larremore (for Ben Wakashige) (Pacific), Berniece Owen (PCC), Vickie Hanawalt (Reed), Dalia Hagan(SMC), Ray Doerksen (SPU), Sue Burkholder (SOU), John Popko (SU), Deb Carver (UO), Rich Hines (UP), Karen Fischer (UPS), Charles Chamberlin (for Betsy Wilson) (UW), Ginny Steel (WSU), Gary Jensen (WOU), Bela Foltin (WWU), Henry Yaple (Whitman), Joni Roberts (WU)


Absent: Tom Pfingsten, University of Portland

 Guests:  Veronica Reyes, University of Arizona – Mentee of Deb Carver

 Consortium Staff: John Helmer, Travis Honea, Michelle Williams

 Meeting was chaired by Carver.

Carver welcomed Council to University of Oregon.

 1. Introductions

Welcomed Leonoor Ingraham-Swets and John Popko as the newest members of the Alliance.  (Nice sweatshirt John!)

2. Review of agenda (Carver)

 3. Approval of minutes from January 22-23, 2004.

      Typo under GWLA, typos submitted for correction.

Approved by council as written.       

4.    Reports


Executive Committee (Carver)


Recommendation for an annual membership meeting. EC recommended possible congruent sessions, plenary sessions etc.

Ways of communication to committees. October meeting to have committees submit reports once year. Chairs would meet with Council to discuss reports. MHCC concerns over borrowing privileges. Possible review of types of borrowers at member campuses. ‘Friends of Libraries’ discussed.

Possible survey done to determine types of borrowers at each campus. Alumni borrowers at OSU have privileges to borrowing. Borrowing committee assigned to review types of borrowers, possible impact of alumni borrowing or others to the service we currently have. Define definitions of borrowers to make it more clear to new members. What would be the impact to the Alliance with possible new members especially community colleges that have reciprocal borrowing with public libraries.  Defining options for the use of the system.

Butcher: thinks the committee should have defined parameters to work with concerning borrowing options before defining policy.

Clarify terms and conditions of the current policy for Council. Is it clear enough? Issues of confusion. If there are questions concerning borrowing should be directed to council and not redefine policy. Identify problems or questionable areas to be submitted to Council.

  Executive Director (Helmer)


Left one conference out of the report. NWAF/WICHE Conference, Peischl and Helmer will be attending in April in Reno, NV

Learning about a new group called NEON.

8 institutions to possibly purchase ERM

Conversation recently with Pam Bailey of OCLC about ‘services to groups.’

Working with PCC on loading into the catalog. (after PUA) then


Possibility of new members being loaded and ready by fall 2004.


  CRL (Butcher)


Strategic membership task force and budget committee. Looking at new options for getting more members. Assc of research libraries to be brought in possible. Private colleges with great collections to possibly be brought in. Reviewing the possibility of a consortal membership. High fees for being a member is also a concern to CRL and are looking at ways to bring costs down. Cost analysis available to members from CRL. Conference call next week to discuss costs. Meeting with CRL in late April. John Popko, Pat Kelley asking for stats from CRL for what our members are paying and how much they are borrowing. 


  ICCL (Kelley)


Proposing a funding request for technology and medical resources.

Reviews WCOLP committees, formally banking and disbanding committees, due to the new committee structure with the Alliance. Continuing to work with CC in area. Civil service contracts being looked at.




Restructuring of HE in Oregon. Chancellors office is being downsized. Fred Jarvis is leaving Chancellors office. Not clear of the impact on the University System. Membership subsidies in question. Being careful of unfunded mandates.  Enrollment at UO, OSU and some community colleges down. Committee being put together for Oregon SWDLG licensing group to select a new fiscal agent. Meeting tomorrow to talk about Newspaper microfilming. Review of Online NW conference. Concerned about funding for it.





New Director Sheila Afman came from UCLA. Focusing on Continuing Ed and Training grant. Received NEH grant for preservation workshops. Dues structure being looked at and forming new committees for website development

GWLA (Butcher, Carver, Steel, Wilson)


Met at U. of Houston two weeks ago. Digital reference project task force with Carver as Chair. IMLS ‘Western Waters’ project and new website, hired project mgr.  Project moving rapidly. Bioengineering committee and implementation team doing a needs assessment survey to find out what combined resources are needed to help faculty and staff at member campuses. Program on Fundraising at meeting.


  OCLC(Carver, Hanawalt, Wilson)


Presentation on Virtual Storage at meeting. Open WorldCat experiment showing robust results. 10,000 hits a week. (google searching) 3-4% price increase in the next few weeks coming. Group cataloging available in 2 states. July 1 offering subscription pricing for cataloging and ILL for historical use. Edepot archiving ejournals for members.


 MTF (Helmer)


Meeting in Vancouver on April 7 met with OCCLA and OPALL about membership with the Alliance. Discussed obstacles systems and money being the biggest. Two weeks will be met with ICW & LMDC. Recommendation will be sent to council for July meeting.  Good response from the groups that met with MTF.


5.    Communications with Committees (Carver)   ==========================================================================

5. Communication with Committees

Annual reports, Meeting with Chairs, annual membership meeting.

Membership meeting should be reinstated. All staff and all committees and TF would be invited.

Steel: interested in the financial aspects of it for member staff, programs or intended outcome of prior summer meetings.

Format of the meeting needs to be discussed by council. Possibility of two day meeting vs. one day meeting.

Helmer strongly recommends that we continue with Summit Borrowing Day or other like meetings.

Pat Kelley”s staff attended Summit Borrowing Day and had very positive experience and beneficial. Not enthused about membership meeting. Focusing on one day only meeting.

Owen: possibility of combining membership meeting with IUG meeting in October.

Hagan: ACRL not very active and Orbis Cascade Alliance starting to devolve like them. Doesn”t want to see the consortium stop membership meetings.

Recommendation to council that membership meeting would be a two day meeting. Would consist of committee and TF meetings with plenary sessions in the afternoon.

Steel: have a conference once every two years and not annually.

Keep focus group meetings and not have conference.

Popko: Value to OCLC Western, does two or three small events regionally then have a membership meeting once every two to three years. 

Videoconferencing done for meeting possibility.

Membership meeting this year vote: no members interested.

Topical meetings:

Ask staff about their feelings on topical meetings.


Summarize: no compelling need for meeting this year. Functional meetings are a strong interest. Library Directors to talk to their staff about meetings. Committees will be given task of discussing issues or problems or ideas for upcoming meetings.


Committee Chairs to meet with Council during October meeting.


6.    Council Meetings: (Carver)


-   Proposed schedule

o   October 7-8, 2004, Whitman

o   January 20-21, 2005, location TBA

o   April 14-15, 2005, SOU

o   July 14-15, 2005, location TBA

-   Council Retreat: format, purpose, date & location

-   Membership Meeting: date & location

Note: ALA will take place on January 14-19 and June 23-29, 2005


Executive Committee felt that current services are up and running, merge is complete and is it now time to plan a retreat? What are the issues in each member library and how are they dealing or solving like issues within their campuses. Basic organizational retreat should happen one day to help facilitate what happens in the future of the consortium. Business portion of the meeting being held on another day. Condensing the business part of the meeting a good idea to give more time to support the substantive issues.

Use the October meeting to discuss topics of the retreat. Retreat possibly to be held in April 2005. What are the expectations of the environment we work in. Building a firm foundation should still be a large part of building a good organization.

Retreat topics could include:

Environmental Scan

Potential in Cooperative Collection Dev.

Foundation and infrastructure. Who are we, what are we, what is our goal.

Membership task force and CMTF to be sending reports to council for July meeting.

Possibility of a facilitator at the retreat? Support for facilitator strong. Investigation of a facilitator for the July meeting should take place.


7. Interest Groups: (Helmer)


-   Education and Curriculum Materials Interest Group

-   Instruction Interest Group

  Materials Exchange

New structure for the Alliance. They have a list serv to discuss topics.

Proposed New IG”s:

Education and Curriculum

Instruction Interest Group

Materials Exchange (email list for giving away materials)

Data for Local Communities

Move to accept: Owen

Seconded by Foltin



8. Bylaws: discussion and vote on proposed amendment(Carver)

   Council discussion of Executive Committee recommendations



Motion to accept: Hines

Seconded: Popko

Discussion about section II and section VI with regard to institution being charged for withdraw from the membership. the word ‘may’

Move to accept the bylaws as written. Owen

Seconded: Carver


9. Budget FY04-05: discussion and vote (Helmer)



Yaple: Total balance of the reserves? About 1.5 million

Contractual information questioned. Website maintenance, hire to help achieve live web querying, bring in accounting expertise for budgeting.

What kind of auditing processes? Partial audits take place regularly with UO. Look into other possibilities with regard to auditing. Concerns with auditors knowing about our reserves. Popko supportive of auditing outside of the UO. The size of the organization will lend itself to needing an audit annually. Council and EC should discuss the amount of money in the reserves and talk about how its handled and what it”s used for. Use the accounting expertise to find what we should do with our reserves. Do some research on what to expect from and when an audit takes place. Seek advise on how to break out what”s in reserves and what is to be used for. Electronic Resources is a huge part of what reserve can be used for.

Motion to accept budget: Yaple

Seconded: ?


10. Membership Application: MHCC discussion and vote (Carver)


Decrease in materials budget over the last several years. Fortier eluded to the fact that its changing towards the better. Increase in budget to happen in 2005. Major remodeling project happening for the library.

Motion to accept MHCC as newest member: Peischl

Seconded: Fischer



11. ILL at OHSU, WSU, UW (Morgan, Wilson, Steel) ==========================================================================

WSU: Kate Bananik did study for WSU, studies done on all member institutions. Tried to go back and look at trends for lending and borrowing. Case analysis does not show that they charge faculty and students pay 2.00 per request. 2.00 fee would have to be eliminated if no charge for ILL took place within the Alliance.Increase in costs through GWLA and Colorado alliance. 7,000 charge for CSU service forthcoming for next year. Budget has been cut for the last 10 years. Can”t withstand to not charge for ILL.


UW: 100000 cost on an annual basis. Excludes OHSU reciprocal borrowing. 1:6 borrowing ratio. Currently not charging enough $ for ILL, they are in the hole by –60,000. 1:1 ratio between UW and UO for ILL.


OHSU: Pooled the last 4 fiscal years together. No current capacity for a load leveling system, and no current plans for current periodicals. Over last 3 ½ years has been 144, 000 dollars. About 40,000 dollars a year in costs for net lending.


Load balancing should be primary focus of helping with ILL requests at OHSU and UW. Pay for one staff member at OHSU to help off set the costs. Possibility to set a Task force to find out the numbers of ILL loans. Analysis would help with finding a way to offset costs of ILL to OHSU, UW, and WSU. Possibility of III load balancing module. Fees for ILL would not be dropped for Alliance members by WSU and UW. OHSU would like to see equalization of load vs. $ for ILL.  Would be difficult to figure out who would get charged for ILL and who wouldn”t if model would be used.

Karyle: feels this would be a perfect retreat topic. Agrees with J. Morgan to do analysis. Pacific doesn”t use OHSU for ILL because of charging for documents. They find another library that is free for ILL.

Possibility of lowering membership fees for being net lender vs. being net borrower.

PCC doesn”t borrow from Institutions that charge for ILL. Finding a way to support net lenders should be a priority. OUS libraries have always been free for ILL materials from OHSU. OHSU thought when they joined Orbis originally that they could absorb the cost of ILL requests from member libraries, but after some research discovered that there was an increase in requests and they couldn”t sustain the costs of lending free materials.


If load balancing opportunities come to the Alliance then possibility of  free ILL could be easier for OHSU and UW. Forming a task force is a strong possibility of finding a solution to the problems.


Recommendations by OHSU: Form a TF for surveying members to quantify the number of ILL transactions and associated distribution patterns. Determining net lenders. Estimating uncompensated contribution to the Alliance for ILL service based on a developed formula for cost-recovery. Equalizing the load/financial burden for ILL service provision. Eliminating ILL charges within the consortium.


Task force to look at reciprocity to members for ILL.

Recommendation from VH to keep things the way they are and not try to create a new way of reimbursing members for net lending. Need consortial technologies for fixing problems with loading balancing in article delivery.


Have TF find a way to make ILL equitable.

Motion: Fischer: Establish a TF to report to EC by the summer Council meeting. Find a way to provide fair way to do ILL for the Alliance. Looking at other consortia and how they deal with ILL. 


All in favor: 11

Opposed: 9

Abstained: 4


Motion passes. EC will set charge and timeframe of when report will be due.



 Concerns of the timeframe of summer to soon.


Helmer: Long term solution would be load balancing.


Kelley: Council should look at ways of setting core values first for ILL policies and practices before we look at technology.



12. Executive Director evaluation: executive session (Carver)



13. Discussion Topics:


            13.1 Storage and Cooperative Collection Development

-        RLSC Update (Hanawalt, Helmer)

-        High-density storage at WSU (Steel)

-        A Proposed Virtual Storage System, Paul Gehrman's presentation at Feb. 2004 OCLC Members' Council Meeting (Carver, Hanawalt)

                  UO-OSU Shared Collection Project (Butcher, Carver)


Storage and cooperative collection development

WSU: plan to build storage facility at Pullman  site. Site would hold 800,000 to a Million items.  Up and running by 2006. WSU sites don”t need to have a storage facility of that size. 4 of six libraries are at capacity for storage and should be able to store appx. 400,000 volumes at the new facility. Following the Harvard model for new facility.  NW architecture out of Spokane handling. May not be funded by the legislature. Last on the list for the capital projects for WSU that are going to the legislature. Room for at least three modules on the site.

Capital planners were hoping that Alliance would fund enough so that they could build a second module while building the first.


Carver: UO is very supportive of storage at WSU for the short term.


Morgan: PSU and OHSU negotiating a new warehouse. 10 year lease.


Hanawalt: no funding model in place as yet for RLSC to be built. WSU very supportive of consortium supporting WSU facility.


Helmer: Doesn”t make sense for the storage facility to be thought of as a temporary place to store materials.


Motion: Butcher-Alliance to continue to work with and support WSU in it”s plan to build a storage facility.

Seconded by Owen.

All in favor.




13.2 Collaborative priorities: introduction to a discussion topic scheduled for July (Carver, Wilson)

When should the Alliance accept partnership offers or seek partnerships with other organizations?  How do we determine priorities for collaboration and degree of resource commitment?


Push to move this to next meeting agenda



14. Announcements

OSU: getting ready to hire a person for the Public and innovative technology position.