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2017-present: Shared Technical Services is now overseen by the Shared Content and Technical Services Team.

2015-2017: Shared Technical Services was overseen by the Collaborative Workforce Program, advised by the Collaborative Workforce Team and the Technical Services Working Group.

2009-2014: The Collaborative Technical Services Team (2010-2014) and the Collaborative Technical Services Task Force (2009) provided leadership for shared technical services across the Alliance. Learn more about the history of collaborative technical services at the Alliance.

As articulated in its Strategic Agenda, the Orbis Cascade Alliance is committed to projects that will help its libraries work together and work more efficiently. 

Collaborative technical services is a shared set of practices and staffing for acquisitions, cataloging, serials and related functions that maximizes the collective efficiency of these operations within Alliance libraries. The goal is to bring a sense of oneness to Alliance collections while creating efficiencies which enable libraries and their staff to focus on expanding and improving library services and discovery.

Documentation on the Alliance web including

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