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September 26, 2014

WEST Commitments

Reminder: WEST is currently collecting new archive commitments for Cycle 4. There are several Alliance libraries are still outstanding. Please review your status and respond to WEST soon. Contact Danielle Westbrook at WEST to get help accessing the AGUA database, reviewing lists, and registering commitments. Danielle can be reached at: danielle.westbrook@ucop.edu.

Update about the WEST holdings request will be in the Technical Services Program Update this week.

DDA Expenditures Update, FY15

DDA expenditures from July 1 through September 19.

$118,195.01 spent
  • 3358 STLs = $81,945.60
  • 57 auto-purchases = $36,249.41

Oxford Journals Offer

Today, I received the first comprehensive offer for a deal with Oxford for their journals. We will negotiate as quickly as possible and send the revision around as soon as possible.

Alliance Job Openings

Apply to come work at the Alliance! We have two openings under recruitment:


Kathi Fountain